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New Tamashii Buddies Revealed

All new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Tamashii Buddies are on the way!

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Joining the previously revealed Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, Megazord, and Lord Zedd will be the remaining Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: the Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, and White Rangers!

The Tamashii Buddies were first revealed in summer 2016, produced by Tamashii Nation.

The new Buddies, seen above, were on display at Toy Fair 2017. They will begin to release in March 2017 at an estimated price of $13.99 each.

Fans can pick up the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Tamashii Buddies at most major retailers.

12 thoughts on “New Tamashii Buddies Revealed

  1. It’s already July 2018, and no update on the release of the blue, black, yellow, and white ranger.. Come on, I want them..

  2. Waiting on the Black Ranger!!!
    Please update us on release dates and purchasing locations! Need my Black Ranger!!!
    Been waiting for over a year already!!!

  3. When will the White, Black, Blue and Yellow Ranger be released especially in the UK (cause I live there); my brother and I have been waiting for the batch to be released

  4. Still no White, Black, Blue and Yellow Ranger ?
    It’s been three years since they’ve been announced…

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