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New Team Takes Over Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comics

Kyle Higgins and Daniele Di Nicuolo are out. Marguerite Bennett and Simone Di Meo are in as the new writer and artist of BOOM! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book series.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Finale #1 (recap here), releasing in August, will be the final story for Higgins and Di Nicuolo. Once Power Rangers: SHATTERED GRID ends and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #31 kicks off in September, the new team will be in charge.

“Oh goodness, following Kyle’s act, I don’t want to misplace my metaphors here, but those are gonna be some really big shoes to fill. Even though I can’t tell you what’s coming, I’m really hoping to keep the momentum, vigor, and emotion of everything that Kyle has set up on this careening course into this whole new world of possibilities. I won’t lie it’s a dream come true. It’s such a cliché and so childish but so sincere, I can’t believe that I get to write for Power Rangers.” – Marguerite Bennett, Writer, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Higgins insists he’s leaving on his own terms, in a decision separate from the Power Rangers’ sale to Hasbro.

“When we were coming to the conclusion of Shattered Grid, [BOOM! Studios Editor] Dafna and I had a conversation about what was gonna be coming next. We both talked about how it would be an opportunity for a baton pass. It just felt like the right time to step away. With Power Rangers, especially with Marguerite coming on, we have an opportunity for a very similar dynamic and experience. I’m looking forward to being able to read it as a fan.”  – Kyle Higgins, Former Writer, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The post-SHATTERED GRID storyline, titled “Beyond The Grid”, will follow a new team of Rangers – Andros (Red Ranger, Power Rangers In Space), Mike (Magna Defender, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy), Tanya (Yellow Ranger, Power Rangers Zeo), Cam (Green Ranger, Power Rangers Ninja Storm), Ranger Slayer, and the mysterious Talon Ranger (now named the Dark Ranger) from Power Rangers Dino Charge.

The reason for selecting these six Rangers will be revealed as Power Rangers: SHATTERED GRID‘s finale draws closer.

“I mean we’re literally sitting here talking about an arc coming up called Beyond the Grid that features an eclectic group of Rangers that is so freaking cool. Like when have you ever seen that before? Everything we’re doing in the book and have built to through Shattered Grid has been about redefining Power Rangers and that’s why I’m so excited. I know what Marguerite’s planning and it’s epic, it’s beyond epic, it’s Beyond the Grid epic. She is coming in and is going to continue what we’ve been trying to do for the last couple years, which is being additive to the mythology and the legacy of Power Rangers.” – Kyle Higgins, Former Writer, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Fans looking for the core Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team of Jason, Kimberly, Billy and gang can still check out Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers series, written by Ryan Parrott.

Fans can check out the official covers for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #31 below.

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Power Rangers fans can rest assured that Bennett intends to keep Higgins’ momentum going, and grew up a dedicated Power Rangers fan herself.

“I was a huge Power Rangers fan growing up, I saved my toys for way too long. I just adored Trini the Yellow Power Ranger so much, so getting to do this, the idea of getting to go back in time and tell baby Marguerite what she’s going to grow up to do. I would lose my…sugar, if I had discovered that that was waiting for me.” – Marguerite Bennett, Writer, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The new details come courtesy of ComicBook.com.

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  1. So over the comics. Don’t get me wrong, they’re doing some cool stuff, but I want the actual TV series to be the most exciting component of the franchise.

  2. Yes it is. Most of the s**t that is posted on this page is straight up crap that I don’t care about. I care about 3 things regarding PR. 1. The Show, 2. DVD news, 3. Ground breaking news such as cast reveals, the name of a new season announced, and other big news stories.

    Comics, Toys, and other random crap I don’t care about

  3. Talon Ranger is going to be a great asset for the Dino Charge franchise and with Beast Morphers now in the works well lets say someone on YouTube who has an account on YouTube does not like the idea of Go-Busters being adapted his title is called cancel Beast Morphers i for one love the idea the belt buckle of their suits is an obvious lookalike to the rpm buckles so i basically don’t care what that guy says about it and others to about Beast Morphers to being cancelled i love the idea of Beast Morphers also the guy from the Gaburincho of Music Kyoryuger movie may look like Badussa that may be Deathryuger may not be Badussa since he got destroyed in the show

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