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New York Comic-Con 2016 Round-Up


New York Comic-Con 2016 is in the books, and it was jam packed with Power Rangers news across the board! In case you missed any of it, let’s recap all your Power Rangers news from this weekend.

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Power Rangers Movie

Teaser-Trailer Debut
The biggest story coming this weekend was the debut of the long awaited Power Rangers Movie teaser-trailer. Giving us our first look at the film, the teaser-trailer generated buzz around the world. Fans can re-watch the teaser-trailer here, and stay tuned for our full scene by scene breakdown later this week.

Synopsis & Character Bio’s Revealed
Lionsgate officially published character bios for each Ranger, giving us an inside look into the personal struggle each character will face throughout the film. We also got an official look at the movie’s production notes, giving us behind-the-scenes quotes and vision into director Dean Israelite’s plan, and Haim Saban’s story in creating the franchise.

Panel & Interviews
The Power Ranger Movie cast took part in a New York Comic-Con panel, an exclusive interview with Lionsgate, and Facebook Live chat with fans. Catch up by re-watching any of these videos with the cast.

New Stills Released
New still images for the Power Rangers Movie debuted this weekend, including team photos and individual character shots. Lionsgate also launched a mock Angel Grove High website, which fans can visit here.

New Posters Released
Lionsgate released new suit posters, featuring each Ranger with an added color streak effect. We are currently running a giveaway to win a set of these posters on our Twitter page here.

Ninja Steel

Official Poster Debut
Courtesy of Worldscreen’s Guide, the official Power Rangers Ninja Steel branding poster was reveled.

Ninja Power Stars Revealed
Bandai brought their first Ninja Power Stars to the convention floor, giving fans a first look at the toys that will serve as the gimmick item for 2017. Included in the look was the revelation of Ninja Power Stars for Legendary Rangers/teams.

Dino Super Charge

Fall Figures Released
The long awaited fall wave of Dino Super Charge figures finally hit stores, with the first batch being spotted at Target in San Diego. With the first sighting confirmed, we expect these figures will begin to pop up across the nation within days.

Halloween Episode Premieres
The annual Halloween episode for Power Rangers premiered, as the Dino Super Charge Rangers were put on an intergalactic trial in the latest brand new episode.


Legacy Diecast Coin Sets Revealed
Bandai revealed plans to begin Legacy Diecast Coin Sets, allowing fans to complete their Power Coin collections in both gold and weathered conditions. Pre-orders went live for the first coin set to be released in early 2017. Bandai does have plans for more Legacy Coin Sets to help fans expand their collections even further.

Black/Gold Legacy Titanus Revealed
Bandai’s booth provided the first look at the latest installment in the Legacy line: a black/gold edition of Legacy Titanus. The item will combine with previous Legacy items, allowing fans to form a black/gold edition Ultrazord. The item is expected to hit stores sometime in 2017.


Mighty Morphin’ Mega Battle Debuts
Namco Bandai brought their newest Power Rangers video game, titled Mighty Morphin’ Mega Battle, to their convention booth. Fans got their first look at the video game, as well as the first chance to experience it in an on-floor demo. Fans can re-watch our gameplay video here.

New Boom! Studios Covers
Boom! Studios and Saban Brands unveiled the first look at covers for Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Issue 9, as well as Pink Issue 4 and Issue 5. Release dates for the upcoming issues were also unveiled as part of the panel presentation.

Diecast Zyuranger Megazord Revealed
Tamashii Nations revealed the first look at their highly ancitipated Diecast Zyuranger Zords in Megazord mode. The toy will release in April 2017 at a price point of roughly $300.

Power Rangers Kawaii Cubes Debut
Wish Factory unveiled the first look at more Power Rangers Kawaii Cube merchandise at their New York Comic-Con booth. 12 Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers characters will be released in three sizes (small, medium, large), with the first wave to hit retailers including Target, Spencers, and Hot Topic this November.

Ranger Nation Launching November
The upcoming Saban-powered Power Rangers fansite, RangerNation, was confirmed to launch this November. The website will give fans an ultimate destination for all Power Rangers content, including toy reviews, exclusive content, and other social media aggregation.

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