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Ninja Steel Armored Figures Released

Bandai’s Power Rangers Ninja Steel Armored Figures have released in stores!

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Each Armored Figure contains 13 points of articulation and a detailed design. They come included with a spring-loaded Power Star that allows fans to power up their action figures with a powerful armor.

Thus far, the Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Rumble Tusk Megazord figure have been found in stores by Twitter user @PowerRangerTalk.

As of April 2017, Armored Figures for the White Ranger and Robo Red Zord have also been released.

Bandai has revealed plans to also release an Armored Figure for the Dragon Zord.

Fans can head to stores now to pick up a ton of Power Rangers Ninja Steel toys. And stay tuned to Power Rangers NOW for all the latest Ninja Steel toy news!

3 thoughts on “Ninja Steel Armored Figures Released

  1. i saw the villain madame odious with the ninja steel gold ranger power star in her hands could see try to betray gal van ax and take over as the main villain. the gold ranger could herself for a while til the red rangers older brother returns then she gets destroyed by him then another mysterious new villain arrives with even more sinister goals in mind with newer villains in his or her team to try getting the rangers powers to rule the universe something even more ancient and deadly requiring upgraded new changers or morphing devices.

  2. hmm i wonder if master Dane is somehow fused with the ninja nexus prism and waiting til his sons and their friends rescue him or something or could he be still the mentor for the rangers a bit later he could also take a bit of the power in ninja nexus prism that would give him the ability to stop aging similar to the past or he was friends with mentor j i and the talking moi statue head or maybe even connecting with jungle fury somehow.

  3. i have the names for some other battle machines like the gold ranger will have the bison battle bot, rodeo bot similar to red bot but with a cowboy like motif, a phoenix battle bot, a azure dragon battle machine, a black turtle battle bot, a white tiger battle bot, a new panda battle bot, and a black carp battle bot. there will also the lion fire battle bot, the rumble tusk battle bot, the flying disc battle bot, the surfer submarine battle bot, and the t Rex battle bot will come soon.

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