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Ninja Steel Blue Ranger Lands In Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

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Introducing the amazing Presto Change-o! Preston Tien, the Blue Ranger from Power Rangers Ninja Steel, is coming to Power Rangers: Legacy Wars this Friday, 12/15!

As the first character from the current season to be introduced into nWay’s mobile fighting game, Preston specializes in distance fighting and magical trickery. With lower damage output and incredible combo ability, Preston can also be used as a formidable close-range opponent.

Check out Preston’s ability details below, and don’t forget to tune in to the Sudarso Legacy livestream this Friday, 12/15 from 3 – 6pm PST at https://www.twitch.tv/hyperrpg. The Sudarso brothers will be giving away exclusive Power Rangers: Legacy Wars codes redeemable for Ninja Steel and Dino Charge Blue Rangers!

Be sure to watch the magical Blue Ranger in action in Power Rangers Ninja Steel, airing every Saturday at 12pm on Nickelodeon and stay tuned for Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, coming to Nickelodeon in early 2018!

Ability Details:

Stealthy Switch (Strike): A strike in which the first hit has optimal range and can be canceled to switch up Leader Ability Types. Completing the move without dash cancelling will prevent players from entering Stealth Mode or changing ability types.

  • EP Cost: 4
  • Fast speed multi-hit combo with mediocre damage.
  • Can be cancelled after the first hit to enter Stealth Mode. Stealth Mode allows players to become transparent (but still damageable) and change Breakers to Strikers, and Strikers to Defensive (not cycling through).
  • Opponent knock back on the last hit of the combo.

Abraca-Grab-Ya (Breaker): A move for bringing opponents in close and binding them, ideal for combo-ing with other attacks. The move performs high damage and will leave opponents in the bind state as they’re attacked.

  • EP Cost: 3
  • A slow startup, medium long-range, medium damage attack that pulls opponents into Bind. In Bind, an opponent cannot perform actions for a few seconds, and retains an opponent even when they are attacked or frozen. Bind will not change into a Launch, Knockback, or Stagger.
  • Effects opponents within scarf’s max range, even if they’re in the air.

Dragon’s Ire (Strike): A single hit attack that performs damage listed in Fighter Info, plus additional Fire DoT. The move causes opponents to stagger on the initial hit.

  • EP Cost: 3
  • Fast start up, fast hit staggers, light damage, and adds Fire DoT, where opponents can catch on fire and take fire/burn damage over time.

Blade Slash (Striker): This jumping slash lets Preston fly across the arena to deliver a strong attack that sends opponents flying – ideal for getting in close or for gaining some distance.

  • EP Cost: 4
  • A long range, medium-heavy damage attack.
  • Can reach opponents up to halfway across the arena while knocking opponents back.

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Fans can click here to check out Preston’s moveset in action!

Preston joins an action-packed list of updates as part of nWay’s 1.6.0 Power Rangers: Legacy Wars update. The update introduces daily login rewards, taunts, online alliance members, challenge levels and talent capping, and vibration options.

Introduced in March 2017, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a multiplayer fighting game which features heroes and villains from the long-running TV series, in combination with those from Lionsgate’s action-packed feature film.

With a wide array of characters already made available, nWay has plans to continue expanding the character roster to include names from across Power Rangers’ 25-year history!

Fans can click here to check out a running list of playable characters and stages available in the Power Rangers’ hit fighting game.

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