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Ninja Steel Bringing Back Communicators

Power Rangers Ninja Steel is bringing back wrist Communicators!

First noticed by Morphin’ Legacy, recent social media pictures by the Power Rangers Ninja Steel cast have called attention to Communicators on each of the Rangers’ wrists. Communicators were first used in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, introducing an iconic ringtone while allowing the Rangers to teleport and talk with one another.

Fans can get their best look at the new Communicator below on Will Shewfelt’s wrist (who portrays Brody the Red Ranger).


Currently, little else is known about these new Communicators, including if they’ll have the same functionality as their predecessors. Perhaps these wearables will bring new power or capabilities to the team? Perhaps the Rangers be able to insert Ninja Power Stars inside?

Stay tuned to Power Rangers NOW as Power Rangers Ninja Steel debuts in on Nickelodeon in early 2017!

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