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Ninja Steel Cockpit Mode Revealed


Today, fans can check out the first look at Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s Ninja Master Mode!

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Since 2011, the Power Rangers have been sporting modes exclusive to their Zord cockpits. And in 2017, that trend will continue with Ninja Master Mode in Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

The Rangers will harness the powers of Ninja Master Mode to pilot their vehicles which, when combined, form the towering Ninja Steel Megazord. In this mode, each Ranger will have access to a powerful chainsaw-type weapon which promises to please fans when revealed in-show.

Bandai’s toy line will include 5″ action figures for each of the Rangers in Ninja Master Mode, as seen above (posted by Twitter user @razzle1337).

Power Rangers has been utilizing cockpit-exclusive modes since 2011 as a way to boost toy sales for single season Sentai adaptions that are stretched over a two-year period.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel premieres January 21 on Nickelodeon at 12pm ET. Be sure to stay with Power Rangers NOW all the latest Power Rangers Ninja Steel news and updates!

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