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Ninja Steel Concept Art Revealed

With Power Rangers Ninja Steel having premiered, artist Karl Thiart has released a look at some of the concept art that went into the show’s original designs.

Among the artwork revealed by Thiart on ArtStation includes the design for Redbot, the trusty robotic partner of Brody the Red Ranger. Here, fans can get a look at all four sides of Redbot’s helmet, an original design intended to be similar in appearance to the Red Ranger’s Robo Red Zord.

Also posted by Thiart was his concept artwork for the Warrior Dome: the evil spaceship where monsters contest one another for a chance to fight the Power Rangers. Thiart’s artwork provides fans with their best all-around look at the final product that became known as the Warrior Dome, in addition to some earlier designs that didn’t make the final cut.

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Fans can check out Redbot and the Warrior Dome in action on Power Rangers Ninja Steel, airing every Saturday at 12pm on Nickelodeon.

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  1. i see the allies cast page we have some actor named Stanley Andrew Jackson the third playing tom could he be the gold ranger or something another name on appearing on the allies page on Wikipedia is Taylor Barrett as ace could also be somebody him i began to think that they will play the cousins to the red ranger which surprise him and the other rangers hmm tom and ace Romero with master Dane Romero being their uncle or just some regular students in summer cove high school who become friends with the rangers ace is kind of like a surfer dude will get a new purple ninja power star and tom could be somebody obsessed with dinosaurs connecting him with being descended from the caveman Dino charge ranger give a new orange type t Rex themed ninja power star. then we have a good alien new original ranger with a ufo themed power star we also meet Lucy a teenage celebrity who becomes a original green ninja steel ranger.

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