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Ninja Steel Episode 10 Spoilers

Power Rangers’ annual international spoiler party has made its return, as countries outside the United States have begun to blow the doors open on all of Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s second half episodes. With Saban Brands once again unwilling, or unable, to control their international episode distribution, fans will have to dodge landmines of Internet spoilers for the sixth consecutive year.

Today, Spain dropped Episode 10 of Power Rangers Ninja Steel on Neox Kidz, a Spanish TV station which airs morning blocks of children’s programming.

Spain is currently scheduled to receive new episodes every Saturday and Sunday, putting them on pace to air Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s finale on Labor Day weekend (September 3). As always, international airing patterns tend to be much more fluid, so the schedule is subject to change at any moment.

The United States will receive the second half of Power Rangers Ninja Steel starting August 12 on Nickelodeon, where the show has remained on its summer hiatus since late March.

Below, fans can find screenshots and spoilers from Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s 10th episode:

Episode 10 – The Ranger Ribbon
Airdate: August 19
When Summer Cove’s sentimental “Ribbon Tree” is in danger of being cut down by Preston’s wealthy dad, Preston must learn to stand up to his father to save what’s important.


The Rangers are celebrating Summer Cove’s Ribbon Tree, a city landmark where people can place ribbons commemorating special moments in their lives. Just as they attempt to place a ribbon with their six names on it, a demolition crew comes to cut down the tree, as it’s revealed Preston’s rich dad wants to place a building in its spot.

While the Rangers begin placing flyers around Summer Cove encouraging people to come out and boycott the tree cutting, Levi begins to suffer from memory issues. He recalls a hot dog restaurant at a particular location that Sarah informs him has been gone for a long time.

Brody is ambushed by Ripcon and a monster named Trapsaw as he’s delivering flyers. A fierce duel between Brody and Ripcon breaks out.

Brody retreats to the Ribbon Tree to warn the others, as hoards of townspeople come out to support the Rangers in their quest to save the Ribbon Tree. Preston’s dad is fit to be tied, until a ribbon commemorating Preston’s birth falls into his hands. Touched by the occasion, Preston’s dad calls off the tree cutting, until Trapsaw arrives on the scene. He corners Preston’s dad, until the Blue Ranger saves the day.

The Rangers battle Riperatt and defeat him, followed by using the Ninja Steel Megazord to defeat the Gigantified monster. As the Rangers win their battle, a random young man follows them in watching.

The Rangers return to celebrate at the Ribbon Tree, but the random young man steps forward (portrayed by actor Nick Beckwith), revealing to Brody he is his long lost missing brother. The two embrace in a hug as the episode ends, but all may not be as it seems…

15 thoughts on “Ninja Steel Episode 10 Spoilers

  1. I’m am surely confused, I though Levi was Aiden’s stage name. So, who that guy that hugged Brody?

      1. Tiffany is right that Levi is actually Aiden. Levi is suffering his memory issue since he was brainwashed unless he regains his memories whose he is. Levi & Brody are Brothers because Levi is Aiden’s stage name. Fake Aiden is actually probably their Cousin from his Mother’s side. If Levi remembers everything from his flashbacks; he will tell the rangers that he’s Aiden, expect Brody feels left out when After if Levi sees Dane Romero’s trophy in case at Summer Cove High School.

  2. It’s not Brody’s Brother because it the flashback Aiden was darker and more hispanic than that white faker. I think Galvanax is up to something.

  3. If anyone believes this so called “Aiden” is actually Brody’s brother I have no idea what to say to them.


    1. Also like France already confirmed Levi being Aiden so….

      I’m fairly certain no ones fooled. Not even little kids who just watch the show for fun.

  4. Definitely a Faker maybe some created by Galavanax reminds me of the the Fake Mike Corbett in Lost galaxy a bit Levi is definitely Aidens Brother

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