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Ninja Steel Episode 11 Spoilers

Power Rangers’ annual international spoiler party has made its return, as countries outside the United States have begun to blow the doors open on all of Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s second half episodes. With Saban Brands once again unwilling, or unable, to control their international episode distribution, fans will have to dodge landmines of Internet spoilers for the sixth consecutive year.

Today, Spain dropped Episode 11 of Power Rangers Ninja Steel on Neox Kidz, a Spanish TV station which airs morning blocks of children’s programming.

Spain is currently scheduled to receive new episodes every Saturday and Sunday, putting them on pace to air Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s finale on Labor Day weekend (September 3). As always, international airing patterns tend to be much more fluid, so the schedule is subject to change at any moment.

The United States will receive the second half of Power Rangers Ninja Steel starting August 12 on Nickelodeon, where the show has remained on its summer hiatus since late March.

Below, fans can find screenshots and spoilers from Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s 11th episode:

Episode 11 – Poisonous Plots
Airdate: August 26
Brody is poisoned by Galvanax’s latest contestant. Will the Rangers make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save him?


At the base, Aiden recaps his history to the Rangers – how he witnessed Dane go missing during the first episode’s battle, and then hid the Ninja Steel in the high school’s trophy for Brody to later find. He then left town on a freight train to get away from Galvanax, but when he heard the Power Rangers had returned to Summer Cove, he knew he had to come back for Brody.

The Rangers celebrate and decide to spar one-on-one, with Aiden joining them. But Aiden goes too hard in his sparring session against Levi, prompting the other Rangers to remind him that it’s not a competition.

Back at school, a competition begins to build the best chocolate statue. Hayley and Levi enter as a team, but struggle to keep their statue together. Victor and Monty also enter as a team, and decide to use super glue to keep their statue together. Their plan backfires when the chocolate mixture they’ve stirred spills all over Victor, turning him into the chocolate statue.

In town, Madame Odius attacks with a monster named Toxitea. The Rangers save the day, but Toxitea manages to poison Brody – and the only way to cure him is by handing over the Ninja Power Stars in exchange for Madame Odius’ medicine.

As the Rangers try to heal Brody at the base, Hayley and Levi know they must find a way to obtain Madame Odius’ medicine. They go rogue –  secretly taking their teammates’ Ninja Power Stars to hand over to Odius.

Hayley and Levi head to the forest to call out Madame Odius, and the two sides successfully make the exchange. The Rangers heal Brody, but Madame Odius finds out she’s been duped – her Ninja Power Stars are actually chocolate statues.

Furious, Odius unleashes Toxitea and an army of Kudabots to fight the Rangers. The Rangers win, and then use the Ninja Steel Megazord and Bull Rider Megazord to defeat a gigantified Toxitea.

Back at school, the winning chocolate statue is revealed – it’s Victor. As a gathering of children run to eat the winning chocolate statue, Victor finally breaks free, scaring off the children.

At Galvanax’s base, Madame Odius is seen talking to someone in the dark…it’s Aiden. The two share an evil laugh, noting that their plan is working to perfection.

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  1. Actually it’s already been spoiled that Levi is Brody’s brother and it pretty obvious that Aiden is not his brother 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. I knew that the dude that said he was Aiden wasn’t really Aiden. They already did that trick in Lost Galaxy.

  3. Are we just ignoring the fact that Brody just believes “Aiden” no questions asked. Also no family resemblance at all between the two Now Brody and Levi look Related.

  4. I haven’t seen all of the episodes yet, so this is just speculation, but there is the possibility that the real Aiden is secretly being controlled by Madame Odious as an unwillingly turned evil sleeper agent, and the side effects of that brainwashing are Levi’s memory loss so that he no memory of his evil business dealings with Madame Odious.

  5. Actually “Aiden” is just a robot that Madame odius created and Levi IS the real Aiden, so there you go. My version, lol jk i looked it up.

  6. If Aiden Romero is a real human, He will be a Red Ranger Too on Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.

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