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Ninja Steel Episode 12 Spoilers

Power Rangers’ annual international spoiler party has made its return, as countries outside the United States have begun to blow the doors open on all of Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s second half episodes. With Saban Brands once again unwilling, or unable, to control their international episode distribution, fans will have to dodge landmines of Internet spoilers for the sixth consecutive year.

Today, Spain dropped Episode 12 of Power Rangers Ninja Steel on Neox Kidz, a Spanish TV station which airs morning blocks of children’s programming.

Spain is currently scheduled to receive new episodes every Saturday and Sunday, putting them on pace to air Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s finale on Labor Day weekend (September 3). As always, international airing patterns tend to be much more fluid, so the schedule is subject to change at any moment.

The United States will receive the second half of Power Rangers Ninja Steel starting August 12 on Nickelodeon, where the show has remained on its summer hiatus since late March.

Below, fans can find screenshots and spoilers from Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s 12th episode:

Episode 12 – Family Fusion
Airdate: September 2
The Rangers access a powerful new Megazord formation to battle Ripcon.


The Rangers’ high school is hosting a talent show, where the brother tandem of Brody and Aiden will enter to perform a duet of the Romero family song. Preston will enter as a magician, and Victor and Monty will enter as a matador duo.

Jealous of the magic act, Victor and Monty go to steal Preston’s magical hat, but soon find themselves sucked inside. Within, they’re chased down by a giant bunny.

Ripcon attacks the city, and the Rangers head off to save the day. Mick keeps Levi back because the Ninja Nexus Prism is calling on him for a new Power Star – the Ninja Fusion Star.

Levi takes the new Star into battle, but as he does, Aiden breaks into the base. He shoots down Mick and Redbot with a laser gun, stunning them on the floor, and then attempts to run off with the Ninja Steel. But Levi returns to the base – and see’s what’s transpired.

Aiden and Levi begin a street fight, with Levi shooting Aiden in the chest to reveal he’s a robot. As Levi struggles to win, the other Rangers return, shooting Aiden to destroy him.

With Aiden destroyed, Levi suddenly feels new memories return to his head, and he’s incredibly confused.

Back on Galvanax’s ship, the game show champion is furious that the robot-Aiden plot has failed. Although Madame Odius was behind the plan, she fools Galvanax into blaming it on Ripcon. Irate, Galvanax forces Cosmo Royale to gigantify Ripcon into battle.

The Rangers use their Megazords to take on Ripcon, and use the Ninja Fusion Star to form the brand new Ninja Fusion Megazord – destroying Ripcon.

Back at school, the talent show has begun. Preston’s magic act is interrupted as he pulls Victor, Monty, and a rabbit out of the hat – but Victor and Monty run away in fear of bunnies.

It’s Brody’s turn to perform, and he’s upset over the entire situation of his brother being an evil robot. Performing alone, he plays guitar while singing the Romero family song.

Hearing the song in the audience, Levi becomes dazed, with his head spinning and hurting. He leaves for the hallway, where suddenly all his memories begin to come back to him. He’s in shock as he has flashbacks to his childhood, beginning to realize that HE is Aiden – and he was kidnapped by Madame Odius and had his memories stolen and transferred to a robot.

Now composed, Levi walks up on stage to sing with Brody. As they realize they both know the Romero family song, they hug, knowing that they are brothers in an incredibly touching scene.

The episode ends with the Rangers making s’mores at a campfire. There, all the secrets come out. Levi talks about fleeing town as a kid to get away from Galvanax. He relied on his fathers’ music to become Levi Weston – a stage name he created to protect himself from being found by Galvanax. One day, the Ninja Nexus Prism discovered him, and he pulled out the Gold Power Star – until Madame Odius kidnapped him and stole some of his memories for her new project robot. But now, all his memories are back, and the only thing that’s important is that their family is together again.

The Rangers end the episode sharing s’mores while singing the Romero family song.

19 thoughts on “Ninja Steel Episode 12 Spoilers

  1. I knew it along. Levi is actually Aiden, he’s Brody’s older Brother; Aiden. Levi & Brody are Brothers.

  2. Really touching episode. I wonder what the next story arc will be about. Probably the Lion Fire Fortress Zord.

  3. Yea Levi is Aiden and let hope they can get a long together more in the next others episodes. But first it the 11 episode of power rangers ninja steel. And next weekend it the 12 episode of power rangers ninja steel. So it not to long guys to that robot is go for good.

  4. I haven’t seen the episode but I wonder if Odius will be caught by Galvanax after discovering what she has been doing behind his back. Since Madame Odius hid her secret from Galvanax of capturing Levi, getting the gold power star and transferring Levi’s memories to her robot, wouldn’t Galvanax be angry with her if he found out about this and the fact that Odius didn’t even tell him?

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