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Ninja Steel Episode 13 Spoilers

Power Rangers’ annual international spoiler party has made its return, as countries outside the United States have begun to blow the doors open on all of Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s second half episodes. With Saban Brands once again unwilling, or unable, to control their international episode distribution, fans will have to dodge landmines of Internet spoilers for the sixth consecutive year.

Today, Spain dropped Episode 13 of Power Rangers Ninja Steel on Neox Kidz, a Spanish TV station which airs morning blocks of children’s programming.

Spain is currently scheduled to receive new episodes every Saturday and Sunday. As always, international airing patterns tend to be much more fluid, so the schedule is subject to change at any moment.

The United States will receive new episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Steel every Saturday at 12pm ET on Nickelodeon.

Below, fans can find screenshots and spoilers from Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s 13th episode:

Episode 13 – Ace And The Race
Airdate: September 9
Calvin finds himself increasingly distracted from his friends and Power Ranger duties when he spends all this time trying to impress his local hero.


The Fun-Athalaton baton race comes to Summer Cove. The Rangers separate into teams – Preston and the girls on Team 1, and Calvin and the Romero brothers on Team 2. Victor is also running the race solo, because he thinks he’s too good to need partners.

But Calvin becomes distracted when he sees one of his local heroes, Ace, who owns one of the most impressive cars in town. Ace’s car is having trouble, so Calvin offers to bring it back to the garage to take a look.

Meanwhile, Galvanax sends down Shoespike, a monster who can disguise himself as a human and turn the losers of Summer Cove’s race into trophies.

With Calvin having left to hang out with Ace, Brody and Levi fill the void in their team with Shoespike (disguised as a human). But Shoespike places a spell on the brothers, making them ultra competitive. Determined to win, Brody and Levi sabotage their fellow friends during the race, including pushing Preston into some bushes. And once their team does secure the victory, it turns everyone into a trophy – including Preston, Hayley, Sarah, and Victor.

Victor’s trophy is picked up by a dog and thrown into a fish tank, sending Monty into a frenzy as he can’t find his friend.

Back at the garage, Calvin begins to realize that Ace is a poser who knows nothing about cars – Ace simply used Calvin to get his car fixed. Mick consoles Calvin, who’s let down by his local hero. But now Calvin needs to go save his friends.

Calvin finds Brody, Levi, and Shoespike in the forest and the Rangers make a deal: if the three of them can beat Shoespike in a race with their legs tied together, the trophy spell will be reversed.

The Rangers win, and with the team all together again, they defeat Shoespike. Cosmo Royale giantifies the monster, but Shoespike proves no match for the Ninja Fusion Megazord.

Back at the race, Calvin apologizes to his friends for abandoning them. The episode ends as the team laughs at Victor, who returns from his trophy form covered in seaweed from the fish tank.

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      1. Look I like Power Rangers but Saban Brands has no clue what they are doing. We need Power Rangers to be good again.

        1. You got any actual solutions? Or are you like a certain President who spends all day whining about how bad things are but in fact has no clue how to solve anything.

          1. Yes I have ideas. The show needs to stop treating fans like idiots. No one likes it. They need to promote better with ratings dropping. How about show up at places like SDCC. They need also people who know how to market the show. Saban Brands is run by amateurs and anyone with experience sees that.

  1. I don’t think Saban brands is bad. Power Rangers have been good always, whether its producer is Disney or Saban brands. But I have to say Ninja Steel is gonna be an epic season.

  2. Fyi Saban owns the American version of Power Rangers there was only a few seasons owned by Disney. If you don’t like Power Rangers then don’t watch it.

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