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Ninja Steel Finale Spoilers

Power Rangers’ annual international spoiler party has made its return, as countries outside the United States have begun to blow the doors open on all of Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s second half episodes. With Saban Brands once again unwilling, or unable, to control their international episode distribution, fans will have to dodge landmines of Internet spoilers for the sixth consecutive year.

Today, Spain dropped Episode 20 of Power Rangers Ninja Steel on Neox Kidz, a Spanish TV station which airs morning blocks of children’s programming.

Spain is currently scheduled to receive new episodes every Saturday and Sunday. As always, international airing patterns tend to be much more fluid, so the schedule is subject to change at any moment.

The United States will receive new episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Steel every Saturday at 12pm ET on Nickelodeon.

Below, fans can find screenshots and spoilers from Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s 20th episode:

Episode 20 – Galvanax Rises
Airdate: November 18
The final battle begins as Galvanax unleashes his devastating attack.


The episode opens where Episode 19 left off (click here to recap), as the Rangers arrive outside the school to confront Galvanax. They morph and fight his army of Kudabots, but as they fight, Galvanax manages to use the magnet device to steal all the Ninja Power Stars except Brody’s.

Brody shoots and destroys the magnet device, and Galvanax has his Kudabots kidnap the other 5 Rangers. Mick arrives to help Brody as the two retreat.

On Galvanax’s spaceship, the other 5 Rangers are being held captive with Cosmo Royale. Meanwhile, Madame Odius had Victor and Monty create a giant magnet device the size of the ship. But when she reveals to them it will be used to destroy the Power Rangers, they know they must do something – and Victor has an idea.

Back on Earth, Brody and Mick retreat to the quarry where Galvanax finds them. He brings forth the other Rangers and demands Brody hand over his Ninja Power Star, or his friends will be destroyed. Brody has flashbacks to the season’s opening scene, where his father destroyed a Ninja Power Star rather than let Galvanax have it, and decides to do the same – he takes a sword from Mick’s hand and destroys the Red Ninja Power Star.

The explosion causes the Ninja Nexus Prism to arrive – and inside are the three broken pieces of the Red Ninja Power Star. The pieces suddenly fly out, whisking around, destroying Kudabots to free the other Rangers.

The pieces turn into 3 Red Rangers, who take off their helmets to reveal their identities – Brody, Mick, and Dane. The team is shocked, but it’s time to fight Galvanax.

The Rangers hold their own, but Galvanax looks to his collection of Zord Power Stars, turns them into liquid, and drinks it to harness more power.

On the spaceship, Victor and Monty have dressed up as Kudabots. But when Cosmo Royale figures out their identity, Monty uses smelly farting to fight off Cosmo and an army of real Kudabots. The two then use Cosmo’s gigantify machine to escape from the ship.

On Earth, Galvanax is now gigantified, but Madame Odius suddenly activates her new spaceship-sized magnet. It attempts to suck all the Ninja Steel Rangers up to her ship, but it also attempts to suck up Galvanax because of the Power Star liquid inside of him.

Galvanax is confused what’s going on, when he realizes Madame Odius is behind it – and feels betrayed. Odius reveals that Ripcon was never the traitor all along, but it was she who had a secret agenda. However, the giant asteroid of Ninja Steel comes flying in out of nowhere, crashing into the spaceship, stopping the magnet, and presumably destroying everyone on it including Madame Odius and Cosmo Royale.

The Rangers then use a combined attack to defeat Galvanax once and for all.

In the aftermath, the Rangers find the Ninja Nexus Prism has been destroyed. As Mick explains, with no Ninja Nexus Prism, there can be no Ninja Power Stars – and the Rangers’ Ninja Power Stars proceed to dissolve into sand. But all is OK, Mick explains, because the Rangers have completed their mission.

With everything settling down now, Victor and Monty are being interviewed by news stations for surviving an alien encounter. Mick is heading off to finally see his parents again. And the Romero’s are having another campfire, singing the Romero family song for the rest of the team.

But deep in space, in the destruction of the Galaxy Warriors spaceship, it’s revealed that Madame Odius survived…

76 thoughts on “Ninja Steel Finale Spoilers

  1. This sounds like a good finale. Odious is a great villain and that picture of Mick and Dane as Rangers is really sweet!

  2. Thought a new villain would appear near the end, just like Heckyl/Snide appeared in Dino Charge’s two-parter finale, but I gather we’ll be introduced to new villains, even the Ninninger movie villain in Super Ninja Steel.

      1. I know Juza Yumihari as Super Ninja Steel’s big bad is only something to assume, and that we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out.

        1. Question and maybe its cause I’m stupid but how did they make Snide and now are going to use Juza Yumihari if Saban can’t get the rights to the Sentai movies?

    1. Madame Odius is obviously the new big bad for Super Ninja Steel. She will probably gather new generals to destroy the Rangers.

      1. But interesting that the ship doesn’t crash like Sledge’s ship in Dino Charge’s finale, which leads us to wonder how things will get repaired and how new villains will make their debut.

    1. Maybe ninjor, the ninja storm rangers, and the alien rangers will come to them and use there ninja powers to restore the ninja nexus prism

  3. Hayley’s morph fire on it and maybe Hayley to be new power tiger white ranger and maybe sarah to be new blue shark ranger on power rangers super ninja steel

  4. Okay…….ENOUGH WITH THE FART JOKES Nickelodeon! Fart jokes aren’t funny! Nor is Victor and Monty! I mean their the worst characters in ninja steel! I mean seriously-Why add them!? Their an eye sore!

    Also I hope Cosmo Royale survives he’s quite a funny guy.

    And Mick, Brody’s dad, Brody-three red rangers…….What does that mean? I mean is it like future? Copies? It makes no sense.

  5. I’m willing to bet that Dane will replace Mick as the mentor in the next season, since Mick returned to Lion Galaxy to meet his parents.

  6. Honestly, I’m really confused about everything. Madame Odius might be the next main antagonist and is the only survivor, Galvanax being destroyed, the ninja power stars gone, no Galaxy Warriors show, Dane appearing, the episode counterparts and what Victor and Monty were doing on the ship. Does Odius want the power stars for herself or to give to Galvanax or what? Madame Odius really makes me feel confused and she bothers me a lot since she is really difficult to understand. And I just don’t know what will happen in Super Ninja Steel since I saw on Power Rangers wiki that the 20th episode’s episode counterpart with Ninninger was the last episodes.

    1. Madame Odius obviously wants the stars for herself. She is a traitor, since she stated to Galvanax that she was the one who plotted against him. She was meant to be an unexpected villain since the beginning of this season.

      Don’t worry about how the finale of NSt used footage from the last episode of Ninninger, cuz Ninninger still have a lot of footage before that episode and that could easily be used for the episodes in Super Ninja Steel.

  7. here i would like to see the return of some of other power rangers like at least samurai, mega force, and the Dino charge rangers they would assist the rangers gain new powers and new morphing devices the home base of the ninja steel rangers would be transferred to where operation overdrive was at now with them dealing with a new improved thrax who has returned with his own new partner madame odious thrax now has use his own evil spaceship piloted by his secretary the sister of one of the villains in mega force season two.

    1. Yeah I think Dane would make a great mentor. Okay I would like Megaforce to show up too but what does Thrax have to do with Ninja Steel?
      Yeah and when is Sarah and Brody gonna fall in love? In Super Ninja Steel? Has really less chance, but I still have hope that they will have a chance. And so excited to watch the finale and as well as Super Ninja Steel!!!!!😘😍😄😃😁😀😄😆😉😊😋😗😙😚☺😏😄

  8. another villain who could return is from space patrol delta rangers emperor grumm or brood wing since these criminals were not destroyed at the end of that season.

  9. In power rangers super ninja steel the ninja steel rangers are going to have new legendary power star where they can morphin into past rangers

    1. Those are toy only. There were Legendary Dino Chargers but unless I missed an episode of Dino (Super) Charge, those were also toy only.

      And if Wikipedia claims they’re in the show and will be used to access Legendary Ranger Mode, don’t even get me started on why Wikipedia is less reliable than Gosei at his worst.

      1. Why’d ninja steel rangers has the power transform into a super ninja steel animal mode like ones from power rangers super megaforce?

  10. This episode is gonna be epic and are they gonna add the Halloween episode aka episode 21 and the Christmas episode aka episode 22

    1. Yes, she’ll be back in Super Ninja Steel, but it looks like we’ll have to wait until then of seeing new villains.

  11. What if the prism has been broke and all the power stars turn into sand. Why’d prism in power rangers super ninja steel that can be restored? or What powers is the power rangers ninja steel have in super ranger mode?

  12. i would love to see mick and Dane Romero become backup rangers when the team needs them back in super ninja steel Dane Romero begins to teach the rangers more ninja fighting techniques and he is revealed to have new abilities as well that no human can possess and increased his own normal human abilities with his strength and speed at superhuman levels he can even sense new alien enemies and read the minds of the other rangers.

  13. How Is that possible that Madame Odius survived cause that giant asteroid hits the space ship i mean that Galavanax is coming back at Super Ninja Steel

    1. Hey Haim why not asking your fans to help you with your next new episode for Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel in this movie there’s a female green ranger Thea, a male black ranger Marcus, an Female Silver Ranger Sierra, an Female Violet Ranger Karina, an a female Aqua Ranger Lucia, and an male orange ranger Collin they’re from a space colony from space where they team up to go against the new monsters and with help of the Creater of the Ninja Power Stars Calistina I hope you asked your fans for more ideas see yeah later

      1. Yeah, I very much hope that they will use the movie footage for female Green. Like the battle where Jarrod and Camille joined forces with our heroes (if I recall correctly, that was in the Gekiranger movie as well), it would be — to use Brody’s favorite word — EPIC. Make it happen, Saban.

  14. Hi Saban yeah I think I meant to put in for the Female Violet Ranger was Serena in one of the episodes in Power rangers super Ninja Steel Thea falls in love with a Boy named Andrew at Summer Cove high school and Brody gives advice to her how to asked him to the dance and her true feelings to him but during the dance at night Andrew Push Thea away from the Electric Web trap that someone put and Brody and Serena checked on her while The other rangers checked to see what happened then when Thea went to Checked on Andrew she notice that he haves the excacte same crystal that her father wore and so does her friends she realized that Andrew is from her planet

  15. i still think we could have a new main villain i guess somebody else from the Japanese version of ninja steel will have a american counterpart or somebody completely new also the rangers will add a original green ninja steel female ranger to its team who will later reveal to be from the chameleon warrior galaxy which is home to a new team of alien rangers with their own unique abilities, fighting robots , their mentor is a dragon like alien and the main villain is a evil intergalactic space conquering alien emperor.

  16. yeah i think it is time for Dane Romero to take charge as the new mentor in power rangers super ninja steel or mick returns to help as well there could also be the return of keeper, heckle, and zen o wing along with the Dino charge power rangers and some other returning power rangers to make cameos similar to super mega force and introduce some new villains, allies , weapons, giant fighting robots the rangers move their headquarters to a old abandoned zoo they receive additional power cubes by a bird like alien turning them into animal spirit fusion power rangers to fight new villains with new weapons, new powers, and cool fighting animal based fighting robots.

  17. I heard that the power ranger ninja steel are going to have legendary power star where they can morphin into past rangers

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