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Your Guide To: Ninja Steel Episodes 7/8

Episode 7 & 8 of Power Rangers Ninja Steel premiere this Saturday (3/18/17)! Titled ‘Hack Attack’ and ‘Gold Rush’, fans can find clips, stills, and other info related to the brand new episodes below.

The episodes will be followed by a special Behind-the-Scenes look at Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie at 1pm ET on Nickelodeon.

And be sure to watch the Power Rangers Ninja Steel double header, airing this Saturday at 12pm ET on Nickelodeon!


Hack Attack

Determined to take part in as many student activities as she can, Sarah builds a device that allows her to clone herself, but the plan backfires when Galvanax’s monster steals the technology for himself.

Gold Rush

Both the Power Rangers and Galvanax attempt to find more information about the new mysterious Gold Ranger.


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  1. Now there six ninja steel power rangers need more like three ninja steel power rangers like green and silver and purple rangers on season 2 of power rangers super ninja steel more power stars lion fire battlizer for Brody and plus return episodes 9-22 of season one of power rangers ninja steel and the event of power morphicon 6 in august power rangers forever

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