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Ninja Steel Fidget Spinners Released


There’s nothing like a good match made in heaven.

Fidget spinners are currently taking the world by storm, and Power Rangers Ninja Steel, the latest Power Rangers season airing on Nickelodeon, is themed around ninja’s…spinning. With spinning weapons, spinning Morphers, and spinning ninja stars, the Power Rangers seemed destined to clash with fidget spinners at some point.

That some point is now here, as Power Rangers Ninja Steel-themed fidget spinners have hit Target! Produced by FIJIX, the Power Rangers Ninja Steel fidget spinners were found in four variations, for the Red, Blue, Yellow, and Gold Rangers.

It is currently unknown if the Pink and White Rangers are included as part of the assortment.

While the fidget spinners are not themed around the Rangers’ Ninja Power Stars (the spinning arsenal that powers the team’s battle gear), each spinner does feature a Ranger helmet on the centerpiece, with the Power Rangers Ninja Steel icon plastered on the moving spinner.

With the promise of long-lasting spin, fans can head to their local Target now to pick up 2017’s most viral new toy in a Power Rangers Ninja Steel edition.

The newest fidget spinners were found by Twitter user @SPLongIslandNY3.

4 thoughts on “Ninja Steel Fidget Spinners Released

  1. I will buy one of those power rangers ninja steel fidget spinner as a present both birthday and Christmas that I want I’m waiting for more new episodes of power rangers ninja steel plus the trailer of power rangers super ninja steel I will pray for lionsgate and saban brands for the power rangers movie sequel if they reveal like an actress or actor to play green ranger with a new zords morphers weapons and the title for power rangers 2 who is the next green ranger until the holidays thank you

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