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Ninja Steel Gold Ranger Revealed?

With Power Rangers Ninja Steel set to premiere in early 2017, many fans have speculated who will be cast in the role of the Gold Ranger.

Earlier in the year actor Chris Reid announced himself as part of the Ninja Steel cast, but exactly who he plays has yet to be confirmed. However, a small hint was dropped over the weekend that may link Chris’ name to the role of the Gold Ranger.

The actor posted the below photo and caption on his Instagram account (@chrisr3id).


“When you’re a Power Ranger…but also a model.”

While we know the other two actors pictured in the photo, Nico Greetham and Peter Sudarso, will lead the roles of the Yellow and Blue Rangers respectively, will Chris be joining them as a Ranger himself? The caption would certainly led credence to that idea.

Yet still, the Gold Ranger’s actor will likely not be 100% confirmed until the character debuts on the show, barring any leaks or format changes from previous years. Until then, fans will stay glued for any possible clues that may confirm the character’s actor even earlier.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel is expected to premiere in January 2017 on Nickelodeon. Be sure to stay with Power Rangers NOW for all the latest Ninja Steel updates.

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