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Ninja Steel Gold Ranger Spoiler Revealed

Power Rangers’ annual summer hiatus has returned, with new episodes set to return to the United States on Nickelodeon this fall.

But like past years, the remainder of the season will air first overseas, as France has kicked off the international spoilers with a major character revelation for Power Rangers Ninja Steel. Fans can scroll below to find out the first of many international spoilers to come.



Canal J, a French TV network dedicated to children’s’ programming, will air Power Rangers Ninja Steel this summer. But early character bios posted on their official website have revealed the true identity of the Gold Ranger.

Under the stage name Levi Weston, the Gold Ranger’s bio appears to confirm that the character’s true identity is Aiden Romero, the long lost brother of Brody the Red Ranger. Aiden reportedly stayed with his aunt while his ninja master father went missing, and while his younger brother was enslaved on Galvanax’s ship.

The character bio suggests that Aiden, who developed a love for country music, will have trouble leaving his superstar lifestyle behind to become a Power Ranger – a plot point the show may return to when it resumes on Nickelodeon this fall.

Check out the full Gold Ranger character bio below (translated from French), and be sure to stay with Power Rangers NOW as more Power Rangers Ninja Steel spoilers unfold.

Aiden is Brody’s older brother. Calm and very charismatic. Aiden is a kind and thoughtful boy. He remained on Earth living with his aunt when his father disappeared, and Brody was forced into the land of Galvanax.

Aiden is a gifted musician, and is passionate about country music. When Brody finds him, Aiden is on tour and has trouble deciding if he should leave his passion to become a Ranger. However, he soon realizes that family is the most important element in the world.


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