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Ninja Steel Gold Ranger’s Weapon Name Revealed


The Gold Ranger’s iconic weapon in Power Rangers Ninja Steel has been named!

The weapon will be known as the Rockstorm Guitar, a popular weapon from Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Japan’s Sentai season from which Power Rangers Ninja Steel is based off of.

The Rockstorm Guitar first debuted in Episode 8 of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, in which country superstar Levi Weston was revealed to be the newest Gold spandex-clad superhero. Wielding his popular weapon, Levi is able to transform his Rockstorm Guitar into a trifecta of battle gear options including a sword, a blaster, and a guitar.

The name reveal comes courtesy of Amazon’s toy listing for the Deluxe Rockstorm Guitar, which will be released in stores by Bandai this fall.

Fans can watch Power Rangers Ninja Steel every Saturday at 12pm ET on Nickelodeon. New episodes are expected to return this August.

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  1. i can wait for august of the new episodes of power rangers ninja steel like episodes 9-22 then christmas and halloween special and the debut of the second season like power rangers super ninja steel and after super ninja steel is power rangers astro force coming to nick 2019 -2020 for super astro force if saban brands will work on the series then the power rangers movie sequel the return of the emperor power rangers 2 in 2019 can they cast an actress to play a green ranger and join the power rangers to defeat evil villians continues with power rangers 2 in 2019 may the power protect you

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