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Ninja Steel Halloween Costumes Released

This Halloween, lock in your Ninja Power Stars!

Diguise, one of the world’s leading costume design companies, has released brand new costumes based on the characters from Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

Available in various sizes, the costumes are on sale now at Walmart, where fans can pick up the Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, or Pink Ranger for Halloween or general year-long fun.

The newest costumes, pictured below, were found in stores by MorphinLegacy.com.

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Each costume retails at approximately $9.99 or higher, with price depending on size.

Currently, there is no word on a release for other characters, including the Yellow Ranger, White Ranger, or Gold Ranger.

Head over to Design’s official website now, where fans can also pick up full costumes, bodysuits, masks, gloves, and other accessories for Saban’s Power Rangers movie – allowing fans to morph into the ultimate costume creation of their liking.

And be sure to check out Power Rangers Ninja Steel – airing every Saturday at 12pm on Nickelodeon.

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