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Ninja Steel Last Names Revealed


The Power Rangers Ninja Steel now have last names!

Primary names for the Ninja Steel characters were revealed with the show’s cast at the Power Morphicon convention in August 2016, but ComicBook.com has now revealed the last names for each of the characters.

Red Ranger – Brody Romero (portrayed by Will Shewfelt)
Blue Ranger – Preston Tien (portrayed by Peter Sudarso)
Yellow Ranger – Calvin Maxwell (portrayed by Nico Greetham)
Pink Ranger – Sarah Thompson (portrayed by Chrysti Ane)
White Ranger – Hayley Foster (portrayed by Zoe Robins)

Power Rangers has consistently provided last names for each of the Earth-based Rangers since the show began in 1993, and faced backlash for not doing so in 2011 during Power Rangers Samurai. While some fans may find the last names trivial, many have long cherished the show’s small details that have transcended seasons.

Character bio’s for each of the Ninja Steel Rangers have yet to be released.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel premieres on January 21 on Nickelodeon. Be sure to stay with Power Rangers NOW for all the latest updates.

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