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Ninja Steel Lion Fire Fortress Revealed

UPDATE (8/11/17): The Lion Fire Fortress Zord toy has been released exclusively at Toys R Us, as found by Twitter user @BigMike8109.

The massive lion-based Zord that will be coming to Power Rangers Ninja Steel has been revealed: the Lion Fire Zord!

The toy version was revealed by Bandai at Nuremberg Toy Fair (photo from The Euronerd). Known as the Lion Fire Fortress, the toy version will be a colossal Megazord playset that includes lights and sounds. Compatible with the 5″ Ranger figures and Zord Builder components, the Lion Fire Fortress will also include a jail for storing villain action figures and cycle launching ability, as confirmed by UK Toy Fair attendee @MSTR_blog.

The set will release in stores in 2017 as part of Bandai’s Fall wave of toys, retailing at approximately $99.

The Lion Fire Zord is modeled after a lion-themed tank from the Japanese season Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. The colossal Zord is able to transform into its own Megazord mode, and hold the entire Ninja Steel Megazord inside of it.

The Lion Fire Fortress will join the ranks of Pyramidas as one of the largest Zords ever to be released in the 24-year history of the Power Rangers brand.

More Power Rangers Ninja Steel toys are expected to be revealed at Toy Fair on February 18 in New York. Be sure to stay tuned to Power Rangers NOW as each of those newly revealed toys surface!

7 thoughts on “Ninja Steel Lion Fire Fortress Revealed

  1. Yeah, I don’t think this is accurate. First off, bandai is not going to make a $130 zord nowadays as part of the main show line. Movie? Yes. Legacy? Yes. Main line? Hell no. Makes no business sense. Also, the actual toy would make the most sense as a Spring 2018 release.

  2. I really want the new episode 9 of power rangers ninja steel next Saturday by Patrick Ryan Devitt.

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