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Ninja Steel Mashems Revealed

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Power Rangers Ninja Steel is joining the world of Mashems!

The popular toys that allow fans to squish, twist, pull, and launch their favorite pop culture characters is set to welcome the current incarnation of Power Rangers.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel Mashems will each come individually packaged and blindly wrapped, with six characters available: Brody the Red Ranger, Preston the Blue Ranger, Sarah the Pink Ranger, Levi the Gold Ranger, the Ninja Steel Megazord, and the evil Galvanax.

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The Power Rangers Ninja Steel Mashems mark the franchise’s first return to the toy line since Power Rangers Megaforce in 2013. Previous Mashems were also released for Power Rangers Samurai in 2011.

Each Mashem retails at approximately $3 per toy, with prices varying. Fans can find them in stores including Target and Walmart, as well as online retailers such as Amazon.

The newest Power Rangers Ninja Steel Mashems were revealed by Instagram user @celebnyc.

Other Mashems are also available for popular franchises included Marvel, Paw Patrol, and Disney’s Princesses.

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