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Ninja Steel Mick Figure Released

Ninja surprise!

Mick, the popular mentor from Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, is receiving an action figure! Mick’s Red Ranger suit will be included as part of a 6-piece action figure set exclusive to Toys R Us. The set also includes the Lion Fire Mode Red, Blue, and Gold Rangers, as well as the evil Galvanax and Skullgator.

The 6-piece set, officially titled the Epic Hero Set, was spotted at Toys R Us in Canada. Due to the retail chain’s closure in the United States, it is considered unlikely that this set will find its way onto many store shelves.

Mick became a Red Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Steel‘s finale, titled ‘Galvanax Rises’. After breaking the Red Ninja Power Star into three pieces, Brody watched on as his father and mentor both morphed into Red Rangers.

Mick’s Red Ranger suit is identical to Brody’s with the only difference being a repainted silver ninja sash. Brody’s fath, who is currently not known to have an action figure on Bandai’s upcoming slate of toys, sports a repainted gold ninja sash.

The Epic Hero Set was produced by Bandai, who will continue to release Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel toys through the end of 2018. Hasbro’s first Power Rangers toys will begin to release in spring 2019.

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel is currently on hiatus. New episodes will return in fall 2018.

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11 thoughts on “Ninja Steel Mick Figure Released

  1. So Cool! Mick deserves it; one of the best moments from ninja steel was seeing him as a ranger!

  2. Man I do NOT care about toy news. How about some news about the TV show, when is it coming back? When is Super Ninja steel going to be added to Netflix? When are we gonna see the new Power Rangers cast? What Sentai is Hasbro going to adapt after Beast Morphers is over?

    Those are all questions I want to see get answered soon.

    1. When is it coming back? Fall

      When is Super Ninja Steel being added to Netflix? First 8 episodes will probably land after the hiatus.

      When are we going to see the new cast? Power Morphicon, just like the last 3 seasons.

      What Sentai is Hasbro going to adapt after Beast Morphers? Nobody knows the answer to that. Let them get Beast Morphers out the door first.

      Be grateful for the fact that such a site exists where new content is being posted on a regular basis. Show some respect.

    1. Then you will likely never get this figure. Bandai is done making new stuff for this line, this figure will be exclusive to this set as indicated on the packaging.

      1. But Toys R Us is going out of business, and all of my TRU stores are no longer getting new toys. What do I do?

  3. I hope we know the origins of the Ninja Nexus Prism and how did Galvanax become the champion of Galaxy Warriors. And why Madame Odius wants the Nexus Prism for herself. And what about the story of the Lion Galaxy? Everything needs a story!

  4. Now, Mr. Romero deserves to have an action figure of himself released to the public. Similar to Mick’s figure, but his sash is painted gold with his own Ninja Master cloud symbol.

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