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Ninja Steel Premiere Info

Power Rangers Ninja Steel will premiere on January 21st at 12pm ET on Nickelodeon, as confirmed by scheduling website Nick And More!

Fans can check out the titles and episode descriptions for Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s first two episodes below:

01. Return Of The Prism (Airing Jan. 21)
A young teen named Brody escapes to Earth from an alien spaceship with a special artifact called the Ninja Nexus Prism. He and two new friends must unlock its secrets to defend it from the villainous champion Galvanax.

02. Forged In Steel (Airing Jan. 28)
As Brody, Preston and Sarah return to Brody’s childhood home in an attempt to find his lost family, Hayley and Calvin come across a strange alien named Mick.

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  1. here broody has a similar past to that of keeper, Zeno wing, or heckle expect he was abducted by aliens and lived similarly to that of star lord from guardians of the galaxy.

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