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Ninja Steel Repaints Begin Releasing

Repaints of Bandai’s Power Rangers Ninja Steel toys have begun to release!

The repaint line features Power Rangers toys of the current season previously released by Bandai, now shipped in brand new colors. The purpose of the repaints were to create a fun line that further pushed sales among kids, but were not intended for hardcore collectors to purchase due to their inaccuracy from the show.

Among the first Power Rangers Ninja Steel repaints made available is the Ninja Battle Morpher, now out in a brand new blue and silver color scheme. The toy was found at Toys R Us by Twitter user @TheRedLegend1, releasing at the same retail price of $29.99.

More Power Rangers Ninja Steel repaints are expected to ship in the following weeks, including Zords and other weapons.

For all the latest news on Bandai’s Power Rangers toy line, be sure to stay with Power Rangers NOW.

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