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Official Power Rangers Cosplay Coming Soon

Officially licensed Power Rangers cosplay is coming soon!

Snakepit Studios, a popular costume and prop studio, is teaming up with Saban Brands to release a number of official Power Rangers projects to the public. The company is best known for creating costumes and props for brands ranging from Power Rangers, to X-Men, to DC Comics, with experience designing projects for actors including Jason David Frank.

The announcement was made on Snakepit Studios’ official Instagram page, with details on exact costumes or props to be revealed soon. If the announcement’s hashtags are any hint, fans can expect products based on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and 2017’s Saban’s Power Rangers movie.

Below, fans can check out some of Snakepit Studios’ previous Power Rangers work, as well as the official Saban Brands partnership announcement.

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Snakepit Studios is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Saban Brands. We will be working directly with Saban Brands on a number of future Power Rangers projects. Also, we will be providing officially licensed costumes to the public. #PowerRangers #PowerRangersMovie #SnakepitStudios #MMPR #Cosplay #MorphingTime

Be sure to stay with Power Rangers NOW as more details become available.

13 thoughts on “Official Power Rangers Cosplay Coming Soon

  1. Woow i always wana be a Power ranger what do i do To be one and participed in your thing

  2. Saban is trying to expand Power Rangers. They should also focus on expanding it to a wider, more mature audience. I would love to see them make an adult version of the TV series which could have a tone similar to The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow or Agents of Shield. I think that would be awesome! Then they should drop a Movie Sequel after that.

  3. God wish i could be a lucky to try on a power Rangers cosplay costume that would be so awesome

  4. Do they do custom Power Ranger costume designs? I love the Power Rangers franchise, and I wanted to be a Power Ranger, but not any one of the existing rangers (except, maybe, the Gold Zeo Ranger, and/or the Yellow Wind Ranger from Ninja Storm). I wanted to be a ranger from a new team, preferably of my own design/creation (by appearance, mythology, zords, etc.), or a new, different colored ranger for an existing team (such as Operation Overdrive, since they are one of my favorite ranger teams). I also want to be one of the few team leaders who is not a Red Ranger, because my favorite colors are yellow, orange, and gold. Anyway, some of my most completed custom ranger suit designs include a White Zeo Ranger and a Gold Space Ranger (the Space Gold design is one of my favorites).

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