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Online Power Rangers Shop Opens

Saban Brands has officially launched the online Power Rangers shop – for merchandise based on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Saban’s Power Rangers movie!

Fans can check out the all-new shop new at Shop.PowerRangers.com!

The shop includes different clothing options designed after the Power Rangers ranging from t-shirts, to jackets, to sweat pants. Fans can also pick up Pop! Vinyl figures from Funko, and other accessories including mugs and ball caps.

The shop is expected to be refreshed periodically with new items from all across Power Rangers’ 24-year history.

Check out the online shop now – the official destination to satisfy all of your Power Rangers shopping needs!

3 thoughts on “Online Power Rangers Shop Opens

  1. It’s a fantastic shop. I always complained that powerrangers.com should sell it’s own merchandise and now here we are!!!

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