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Original Power Rangers Movie Cameo Plans Explained

*Saban’s Power Rangers movie spoilers below*


By now you should know that Saban’s Power Rangers movie, which is in theaters, features a cameo appearance from two of the most iconic actors in the 24-year history of TV show: Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson, the Green and Pink Rangers on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers respectively.

But what most fans don’t know is that Director Dean Israelite and co. originally had different plans for the duo than what eventually panned out on screen.

In the film, Frank and Johnson appear in the film’s closing minutes, as part of a crowd of Angel Grove citizens taking photos of and marveling at the sight of the triumphant Power Rangers’ Megazord.

But original plans called for the duo to be part of a scene inside Krispy Kreme with Elizabeth Banks’ Rita Repulsa. And Frank even grew out his iconic 90’s ponytail for the spot.

Frank told The Hollywood Reporter ‘The first cameo we did was cut. Me and Amy were filming in the Krispy Kreme. I grew a ponytail out for that. I was thinking, ‘If I grow the ponytail out, I’ll shock the fans when they see me.’ We shot a scene there with Rita [Elizabeth Banks], and we were dressed in green and pink.”

But when that cameo was ultimately scrapped, Frank received a call from Executive Producer Brian Casentini explaining “Jason, we’re getting you into the movie. Your cameo was cut, but we’re bringing you back.”

Frank and Johnson were brought back, to film what would become the eventual cameo that made its way onto theater screens worldwide, but Frank’s iconic ponytail unfortunately didn’t return with him.

Perhaps Lionsgate will release that footage as part of a Blu-ray/DVD bonus feature? Let’s hope so!

Saban’s Power Rangers movie is in theaters now.

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  1. Ok Did You Say It Was Cut Because When I Went To See It Jason’s Cameo Was In It And Second YOU’RE BRINGING HIM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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