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Original Power Rangers Movie Post-Credits Scene Revealed

Saban’s Power Rangers movie is now out on home video – on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

And fans who’ve seen the movie know by now that a very familiar name is introduced in a post-credits scene – Tommy Oliver.

Tommy Oliver is the name of the iconic Green Ranger, and White Ranger, from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show. And the post-credits scene gives movie watchers their first glimpse at the film franchise’s version of the character as “Tommy Oliver” is called aloud in detention – only to reveal that he isn’t present.

But the post-credits scene that fans saw wasn’t always in the original plans. In fact, original plans called for an entirely different scene that would introduce Tommy Oliver’s name.

In the home video’s Audio Commentary featuring Director Dean Israelite and Writer John Gatkins, the duo explains that the post-credits scene was originally supposed to take place in the school’s cafeteria – where a fight would break out at the hands of “crazy new student Tommy Oliver”.

“Well we were going to have that there was a brawl in the lunch room. And a couple of our kids saying:

“Man what happened?”
“Dude there was this violent fight. There’s this one crazy kid, the new kid”.
“Which kid, Tommy Oliver?”

So you would have felt like Tommy dropped into their world.” – Writer John Gatins

Tommy’s face, or actor (who has yet to be cast), was never going to be pictured in the shot. But according to Israelite, the decision to re-shoot the scene came down to simple room preference. The team much preferred to be in the film’s iconic detention classroom, as opposed to the cafeteria.

“It didn’t work to be in this cafeteria where we had only spent one second [of the movie] in”. – Director Dean Israelite

Between the original post-credits scene plans, and those of the existing one, it would appear that the filmmakers have a vision for a very rebellious, perhaps aggressive version of Tommy Oliver.

The original post-credits scene is not among the film’s deleted scenes included in the home video release.

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7 thoughts on “Original Power Rangers Movie Post-Credits Scene Revealed

  1. You should have kept the original idea it would have ended the storyline better

    I’ve been watching Power Rangers since I was a couple years old and it would have just been better if the storyline would be more coherent not saying it was a bad movie it was a good movie but the original movies had more of a spark

  2. Definitely best to have what we got (Detention over Cafeteria), although aggressive Tommy seems right. Just make him an angry kid to give Jason a harder time between Zack’s hyper activity and Tommy’s rage! That would be fun to see (and a fight with Tommy and Zack before the fight against Jason).

  3. I like the movie one better. Why do we need a tommy and Jason fight. Give us a female tommy.

    Also where is Zack in this pic?
    It also shows the main couples of Kim/Trini and Jason/Billy

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