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Power Morphicon 6 Panel Schedule Released

The official panel schedule for Power Morphicon 6 has been released!

The show will take place in Anaheim, California over a three-day period (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), as Power Rangers celebrates its 25th anniversary in style with panels for every single season, all weekend long.

The schedule is highlighted by three action-packed panels hosted by Hasbro, the new owner of the Power Rangers brand. One panel will feature the cast of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, another will give fans their first look at the future of Power Rangers toys and games under the industry giant and its partners such as nWay, and the last will focus on BOOM! Studios’ award-winning Power Rangers comic books.

•Saturday, 11am (Panel Room A) – Hasbro Presents: Hasbro Toys, Collectibles, and Games Power Hour
•Saturday, 12pm (Panel Room A) – Hasbro Presents: Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel
•Sunday, 12pm (Panel Room A) – BOOM! Studios Presents: Shattered Grid and Beyond

In their first Power Morphicon ever, Hasbro is set to deliver incredible surprises and reveals at each of the panels, in addition to an immersive, giant booth on the show floor.

Other panel highlights include an action-packed slate of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers content to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the season that started it all.

The original Green Ranger, Jason David Frank, will even host his own panel in a special spotlight on the franchise’s most legendary Ranger.

•Saturday, 1pm (Panel Room A) – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Anniversary
•Saturday, 3pm (Panel Room A) – Spotlight: Jason David Frank
•Saturday, 4pm (Panel Room A) – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Behind the Scenes
•Sunday, 1pm (Panel Room A) – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Villains

Other first-time Power Morphicon events include the very first Power Rangers Hyperforce panel, a spotlight on 2017’s Power Rangers movie with RJ Cyler, and a Power Rangers casting panel hosted by Iris Hampton.

•Saturday, 2pm (Panel Room A) – Hyperforce
•Saturday, 5pm (Panel Room B) – The Secrets of Casting with Iris Hamption
•Saturday, 7pm (Panel Room A) – Adi Shankar: Power/Rangers
•Sunday, 12pm (Panel Room B) – Power Rangers on the Big Screen

Those who attend Power Morphicon looking to see their favorite online influencers can look no further than an impressive slate including No Pink Spandex, MMPR Toys, Ranger Danger, and more!

•Friday, 8pm (Panel Room A) – No Pink Spandex
•Friday, 9pm (Panel Room A) – Rocco from Mega64
•Friday, 9pm (Panel Room B) – YouTubers To The Rescue!

•Saturday, 9pm (Panel Room A) – MMPRToys
•Sunday, 1pm (Panel Room B) – Ranger Danger Live: Farewell Kyle Higgins
•Sunday, 4pm (Special Room) – Our POWERFUL Fandom

Fans can check out the complete Power Morphicon 6 panel schedule below, taking place throughout three separate panel rooms.

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Power Morphicon 6 will take place from August 17-19 at its new, larger location in Anaheim, California – the Anaheim Convention Center, home to other popular events including Disney’s D23 Expo and Blizzard Entertainment’s Blizzcon.

Tickets for the event officially went on sale in August 2017, and can be purchased by clicking here.

Power Morphicon first began in 2007 and has since become a bi-annual convention in Southern California featuring cast members, news, and panels from the past, present, and future of Power Rangers. Power Morphicon 6 in will feature events and surprises geared towards Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, Saban’s Power Rangers movie, the brand’s incredible range of product offerings, and the show’s wide-spanning 25-year history.

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11 thoughts on “Power Morphicon 6 Panel Schedule Released

  1. I wish I could go but I’ll just watch clips online. If ninja steel is speaking at morphicon than hopefully just like previous years we can meet the new power rangers cast of beast morphers cause I really wanna find out who they are

  2. Like I said, I only care about the Beast Morphers cast being revealed. I can’t wait to know who they are. Hasbro era is going to be amazing. Bring PR back to its former glory.

  3. I truly wanna see Andrew M. Gray & Christina Masterson together at this month’s Morphicon. Because I can’t stand unfaithful people like Ciara Hanna or Cameron Jebo.

    1. What on earth bro. Those too were Faithful to the Fans and wanted to show to be good. Because they were fans as well. Don’t hate them for doing the right thing, Mega Force sucked and in some case flat out lied to the fans.

      1. Actually, Super Megaforce almost sucked by the treacherous Mr. Tzachor, the false super mode (Gokaiger item nonsense) and the Gokaiger counterparts. Besides, the pirate theme never made and never will make sense for the PR franchise. And it almost ruined their Megaforce characters, almost by the treacherous Mr. Tzachor who already got fired completely 5 or 4 years ago.

  4. Thanks PowerRangersNOW. You guys are my main source for Power Ranger news, but I gotta say… the image gallery’s auto-scrolling feature is annoying af.

    “Ooh, what’s this?” *zip* “Dude i’m not done looking at this.” *press back* *press pause* EVERY SINGLE TIME!

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