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Power Morphicon 7 Announced

Power Morphicon isn’t going anywhere.

In fact, the hit Power Rangers convention is staying exactly where it last took place – in Anaheim, California!

On Sunday, August 19, Power Morphicon 7 was officially announced to take place in 2020 at the Anaheim Convention Center by Scott Zillner, owner of Power Morphicon. The announcement took place during the Closing Ceremony of Power Morphicon 6.

Exact dates have yet to be revealed, and tickets are not expected to go on sale until summer 2019. But fans can begin to save up for another Power Morphicon convention at 2020 dates to be named later.

Power Morphicon 7 will continue the biggest Power Rangers convention’s bi-annual trend.

Over 10,000 fans turned out for Power Morphicon 6 in 2018 to make the event a rousing success.

Power Morphicon first began in 2007 and has since become a bi-annual convention in Southern California featuring cast members, news, and panels from the past, present, and future of Power Rangers. Power Morphicon 7 will feature events and surprises geared towards Power Rangers’ television show, comic books, toys, and more.

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25 thoughts on “Power Morphicon 7 Announced

  1. So wait a minute, Power Morphicon always reveals the next ranger team:

    Samurai = 2010
    Megaforce = 2012
    Dino Charge = 2014
    Ninja Steel = 2016
    Beast Morphers = 2018
    Next Morphicon = 2020 = Next team reveal…

    doesn’t this mean we’re gonna get a Super Beast Morphers?

    1. Yeah, it kinda implies that… which is a shamespecial that we’re getting aready super season and getting waaaay behind super sentai. Hurray! So happy 🙄🙄🙄

    2. I’ll bet the next ranger team would be called the Cosmic Quest Rangers (based on the Kyuranger adaptation). Would I be right?

      1. It would be an idea if a legion force was called a possible adaptation of Kyuranger, in which the past would be explored as a rord of zordon and the initial legion that fought all the forces of evil

  2. i had a great time going to my fist power morphicon when it came to anahime last year on a sunday the 19th got to meet the cast go go power rangers im saving up for the next one year 2020 here again. i had a blast this time im going to take my partner to see if he will like it.

  3. if Hasbro adapted kyuranger are to many characters .also to many characters only have one episode people. Hasbro adapted toqger pink and yellow rangers.true power morphicon new reveals the next rangers team and new power rangers season. Hasbro skip other super sentai season. I can’t went who new team rangers . power rangers beast super morphers in 2020 . in Saturday august 2020 . ok on Saturday august ,2012 reveal new power rangers megaforce, team , on Saturday august 2014 reveal new power rangers dino charge team , on Saturday august 2016 reveal new power rangers ninja steel team and last year on Saturday august 2018 reveal last year new power rangers beast morphers team.

  4. Why don’t they do a power morphing con in Minnesota St. Paul it would be pretty cool for all of the Minnesota fans so they can see it instead of California because I know I’m a really big fan of Power Rangers and I know there are some other big fans in Minnesota and around here

  5. power rangers fans good news is Hasbro is going to be adapting kyuranger and ryusoulger as the next two power rangers series after beast morphers.so toqger,zyuohger,and lupinranger vs patoranger have all been skipped over. kyuranger will be adated in 2021 with ryusoulger coming out in 2022.true Hasbro adated kyuranger are to many characters and to many characters only have one episode for characters . to chunks + next morphicon 2020 for kyuranger. power morphicon 7 ,2020. power morphicon 8 ,2021. next morphicon 2021 for ryusoulger. guess who play green and pink rangers in kyuranger. guess who play only pink ranger in ryusolger.

  6. true power rangers alaways reveals the next new cast on each Saturday . power rangers 2020 casting to begin mid-march . good news is power morphicon 7 a seventh convention is being planned in 2020 ,which will once again take place in Anaheim, California. I think is for kyuranger will be adapted in 2021. unkown characters .on hypothetical power rangers is Daniel Southworth as adam park. also on hypothetical power rangers is alicia Nichols [as played by sudai love , who was close to playing emma in megaforce and super megaforce]. actress name:melanie rains she audition for dino charge unknown color but before she had audition for the yellow megaforce ranger and was in the running for the role of gia maron ,2nd image is proof website rangerboard. I hope melanie rains as new green or next pink ranger in ryusoulger in 2022.

  7. power rangers beast morphers season 2 in 2020. unameed for 2021 based on kyuranger. unnamed characters and unnamed actors too. new first female green ranger. unnamed who play pink ranger in 2021. in 2022 ryusoulger only have female pink ranger.

  8. good news power rangers-ryusolger in 2021.power morphicon sept .4,5,6,2020.on power morphicon 7 and on satuday septmeber 5 ,2020 they reveal the new team and new characters too. new actors .who play new pink ranger not yet.who play new red,blue,black and green ranger yet. power rangers 2020 begin casting to mid -march.,

  9. guess what who audition for beast morphers now audition for power rangers season 28. power morphicon 7 and new cast of power rangers reveval on sat.sept.5,2020 . new name of power rangers season 28. five new faces and he and she what are names are and characters name too.

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