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Power Rangers 2019 Casting To Begin Mid-March

Casting for the next TV season of Power Rangers is drawing near!

The 26th season of Power Rangers will air in 2019, almost certainly on Nickelodeon, although a contract extension between the popular cable station and Saban Brands has yet to be announced.

The last reported deal assured Power Rangers would air exclusively on Nickelodeon through 2018 with Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.

Casting for the brand new season will begin in mid-March, as confirmed on Facebook by long-time Power Rangers casting director Iris Hampton. Hampton has been a major part of the Power Rangers casting process dating back to Power Rangers In Space, which premiered on TV airwaves in 1998.

Aspiring candidates are encouraged to contact their casting agencies and managers for more details in mid-March.

The Power Rangers season will Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, Super Sentai’s 2012 season. The season features 3 unique heroes and has proven to be incredibly popular among fans in both Japan and overseas territories.

For now, fans can catch all-new episodes of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel every Saturday at 12pm ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

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184 thoughts on “Power Rangers 2019 Casting To Begin Mid-March

      1. same here,, i really want to become a power rangers and idk what to do because i dont have agents and manager,, but i have experience on act and martial arts.. hope u answer my question thank u

        1. If you have experience that’s all you really need… keep working on ur craft and don’t give up… no one will ever believe in you more then yourself… we only have one chance at life don’t waste it …

    1. You have to find an agency that is promoting the casting. Those who do not have agents that represent them should wander some agency.

    1. But it also equals a lot more money spent on paying the actors…saban has had trouble with that in the past…

        1. Saban is cheap in general, but unless he is planning on selling the show to someone else and move it to another network, don’t expect anything special.

  1. Have it move to Netflix. having the show on Nickelodeon is only going to do more harm than good due to their 20-episode mandate. Make it a full 40 episode season.

    1. And I also agree, that the new Nickelodeon’s PR season must or should make a full 35-episode season, based on or off the Kyuranger adaptation.

    2. And what makes you think that Netflix will do a 40 episode season aside from the fact Netflix has never done a 40 episode season of anything ever.

  2. Bandai Of America said the cubes can’t be used with the Zord Builder system. Kyuranger would be awesome is they adapted. Galaxy Force would be a good name to use.

        1. Good name, but I think Saban will have a hard time using it since the name is copyrighted by Voyager Entertainment, because Star Force was the name the crew of the Argo/Yamato used when Space Battleship Yamato was adapted to English and became Star Blazers.

  3. Noooo Go to Netflix or Hulu Or go back to Disney anywhere but nickelodeon. Please They are the reasons why we have to have this stupid super season they want it broken up a 20 episode limit and that’s why we have a break during the summer. Ratings have been going down. Please go somewhere else or we may not have power rangers anymore . Or since everyone’s doing it Make own streaming service or even a channel.

    1. Really but where can power rangers go?, it can’t go to cartoon network since there attempts at live action programing is mixed at best and disney wants nothing to do with power rangers so where can it go other than the CW as weekday afternoon show

      1. It could go back to FOX, the network that it originally premiered on. It was on there for several seasons before Disney acquired it.

        1. Fox doesn’t even do morning or afternoon children’s programming anymore. Fox doesn’t want it, no network has use for kids programming anymore. They will not go back to Fox. The truth is there is no evidence anyone but Nickelodeon wants them. So why would they leave a highly watched network that wants them? And the 40 episodes… kids TV has changed, no one else is going to do 40 episodes, including Netflix. That is a relic of the past and people need to accept it. It is not why the ratings are going down, almost every kids show is 22 episodes, some are less than that. And most of their target audience doesn’t remember them ever having long seasons, hell a lot of their audience wasn’t alive the last time they did a long season. The only people complaining are long time fans who can’t accept that things are different now and there is no room anywhere for a 40 episode season of Power Rangers.

  4. Yo! Forget Zyuohger and Kyuranger, i want Lupinranger V.s Patranger to become the next Power Rangers series once and for all!

    1. I disagree. I think that an American adaptation of Lupinranger VS Patoranger would not work to well for American audiences, especially if the current producers of Power Rangers (and the network that gets to televise it) do something to ruin it. An American adaptation of Kyuranger has a better with American audiences, but they better give it a good name because “Mega Force” (and “Super Mega Force”) is the lamest name that they have come up with for a Power Rangers team.

      The above comment is just my opinion.

      1. Hey, Megaforce was not the lamest name that they had came up with for a Main PR team. It was the Super Mega Mode (Gokai nonsense suits) that gotten lame.

    1. The skipping is a pain, but not every Super Sentai season should be adapted because some of them just don’t work with American audiences.

  5. Power Rangers is going good and cool for 2019 next year! Kyuranger is more better then Zyuohger was! I do like Zyuohger but I love Kyuranger.

  6. They need to do auditions throughout the entire US including in North MS. And how do I get the info without a manager or agent?

  7. And I thought Saban Brands was planning to end their current partnership with Nickelodeon late 2018. Something tells me that they’re gonna adapt Kyuranger instead of Zyuohger and now their partnership is extended. Congratulations, Nickelodeon and Saban Brands! I just think some people grew tired of Nickelodeon at this point, especially the 20-episode season show crap, the super season thing, skipping the Sentai seasons Go-Busters, ToQger and Zyuohger and the going on hiatus in the middle of a season is very annoying now. Saban Brands and Nickelodeon has putting “super” in all 4 shows’ second season. From now on, Saban need to disband Nickelodeon and gone to the different network and find someone else as a new partnership such as Cartoon Network, Hulu, Netflix, or maybe CW.

    1. I like kyuranger as better to be power rangers 2019 , they can make live actors and costumes actors as power ranger team just like kyuranger in Japan , they name it power rangers Astro force or whatever , maybe they put zyuohger villains, monsters and kyuranger villains, monsters, instead of tsuyoindaver daikaans in each episode well except maybe 3 tsuyoindaver daikaans like metchatsuyoindaver, mutchatsuyoindaver and microtsuyoindaver , Naria make the monsters big with enlarged weapon .

    2. All of which I can guarantee you will only give them 20 or so episodes a season. Except for CW who will dismiss them outright, Cartoon Network doesn’t likely want them and there is little evidence Hulu or Netflix would be interested and if anyone thinks a streaming service who’s kids shows at best do two 13 episode parts a year AKA 26 episodes at most is going to drop 40 episodes a season can wake up, because they are dreaming.

  8. I like kyuranger as better to be power rangers 2019 , they can make live actors and costumes actors as power ranger team just like kyuranger in Japan , they name it power rangers Astro force or whatever , maybe they put zyuohger villains, monsters and kyuranger villains, monsters, instead of tsuyoindaver daikaans in each episode well except maybe 3 tsuyoindaver daikaans like metchatsuyoindaver, mutchatsuyoindaver and microtsuyoindaver , Naria make the monsters big with enlarged weapon .

  9. I wanna be the pink ranger and where’s tho audition since in my family I watched more series of Power Rangers than anyone in my family . I hope I’ll get the role it’s been my dream every since I was 5years old

    1. It been my dream like forever I hope I get it. It will be like my early sweet 16 present. I even watched alot of the Japanese versions.

  10. First they need to have an open audition like they did for MMPR. Second they need to stop casting pretty model type people, I’m not a fan of Ninja Steel mostly for the acting. But they all are good looking. They need to cast ppl who are qualified of course but who are fans. Someone should PLEASE tell us about the audition cuz us long life fans deserve a chance to live our dreams. Plus I feel the show would be better……Is that Hampton’s Twitter?

  11. how old do you have to be to audition? and how do you get a(n) agent/manager? like i really want to be a power ranger, ever since i was like 4 watching Jungle Fury on Jetix :)) but now I’m 14 and i wanna do something like Blake Foster did with the Justin character. and I’ve been taking karate classes since i was like 5 🙃

  12. Finally good news I can wait for next season please be the space theme like power rangers StarForce or galactic squad I need to see the new cast of next season may the power protect you

  13. I loved power rangers when growing up I thought of being one but not sure if I were to or not although since most sentai have been skipped I would of liked to be Black Ranger if Maskman was adapted to be called either Blitz or Lightning I would of loved acting as anyone I have like a couple acting experiences in the movies I’ve helped with in Joey Travolta’s film school that he founded meeting him was amazing and since this is for the current sentai that ended already I could voice over for Black since he’s a robotic bull I saw his death as one and everything and how everyone respects him in certain ways but if casting gets complete by then I’m sure the voice acting for him would be better I have like a big voice like he does in sentai

  14. I really hope we get to see the first ever Asian-American Red Ranger and a Human-Looking female Pink Ranger. Plus, an Alien Bear to become the new Cosmic Quest Aqua Ranger, unlike the Kyuranger counterpart of course. Ohhhhhhh and by the way, I lovingly wanna see the next Red & Pink Ranger Love Couple to be added to the whole #RedAndPinkRangersAreRomanticallyInvolved thing. Please? Pretty Please?

  15. true power rangers 2019 casting to begin mid-march. what the new name for next power rangers season be zyuohgers or kyuranger for 26 -27 season . we not have a female blue ranger in 2006. the last female blue ranger was Madison in power rangers mystic force.

  16. I really hope that its going to be Kyuranger that gets adapted next after Super Ninja Steel. Because zyuohger sucked in my opinon

  17. Yo! Lupinranger Vs. Patoranger got what it takes to the next Power Rangers in 2019, Zyuohger and Kyuranger are just weak Sentai, period!

  18. power rangers 2019 casting to begin mid-march and power morphicon 6 2018 august. reveal new cast of power rangers .

  19. I can’t really do any extreme stunt work due to my scoliosis operation two years ago, but i have an untapped natural talent for acting and dancing, break-dancing that is. It’s always been a dream of mine to be a Power Ranger. I’ve been a fan since the early 2000s, back when VHS tapes started to become vintage. My first exposure to Power Rangers was the 1995 feature film: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie. I got a rekindled interest when Power Rangers Jungle Fury came on ABC Kids. Ever since, I’ve loved the Power Rangers.

  20. Maybe they put foot soldiers of indaver and tsuyoindaver instead of moeba, name of zyuohger monsters in power rangers Astro force like jagged ,halbergoi, blowguns,gaburio,
    Noborizon and yabiker, and kyuranger monsters like gamettsui, yumepakkun,denvil,Toome,metchatsuyoindaver, mutchatsuyoindaver,Mothma,yuterujan,goneshi,shaidos, death worm,olmega,Eriedrone and lkargen well two of them are kind of generals in Japan
    But they could be useful in each episode. On 2020 power rangers super Astro force monster like prisonable, manavil,mediatsuyoindaver,metal death worm,gyabler,jashinger,sumotron,microtsuyoindaver,dogyun,magera,champ 0,sambaba,
    Wunjet,Jumotsu,desgon,Glover,cruiser,akyachuuga,and bossworm, for holloween and Christmas on Astro force episode the monsters is hanayaida and dorobozu, and for super Astro force holloween and Christmas the monsters is lllusion and gakkarize, the main villains os Astro force are like Don Armage,azald,quval,Naria,madakko, and Scorpio, and super Astro force new three villains like vice shogun,there evil space fighters that transform in robot fleetship like Moraimars, big moraimars , the villains base was mother ship, or evil base on their planet , the Astro rangers allies is little robot like r2d2 and female alien humanoid Doctor,the Astro rangers Base is space ship was Orion and battle Orion ship like kyuranger inside was different in power rangers series like Star Trek live film or Astro mega ship ther zords names was lion cruiser zord, scorpion walker zord,
    Wolf cyborg zord ,balance Robo zord ,bull tank zord ,snake Robo zord, chameleon hover zord, Eagle cyber zord, swordfish sub zord,dragon cyborg zord,bear wheel zord, Phoenix rocket zord, and battle Orion zord, name of megazord is Astro force megazord, dragon force megazord,Phoenix force megazord, and Orion force megazord,additional formation for Astro forces megazord is Astro dragon megazord, and Astro force ultrazord, battle Orion zord is on bazooka mode with three other megazords and three zords of pink, sliver and gold , or Astro force ultrazord, I like kyuranger so much to become power rangers.

  21. I’d hate to break this news but unless its for a specific character like (Justin in Power rangers turbo) they would probably stick to there same casting strategy of casting actors 18-27 to play the teenagers because it’s easier for them to act the age because they’ve lived through it… I saw some comments about some younger actors who were interested so I decided to drop this information that they have used in the past

  22. So they’ll do casting in March, but they won’t announce which season of Super Sentai they’re adapting until Power Morphicon?

  23. Didn’t like in space never like last galaxy love wild force and jungle fury power rangers never do well in space do the animal they is seven rangers with two can give u different moods red have gorilla Wales and complete mood and six ranger had 4 moods that’s 14 toys not to mention 14 zoids and 3 megazords and a complete zord

  24. power rangers [uchu sentai kyuranger in 2019-2021 or 2022-2023 .uchu sentai kyuranger have six humans and maybe five unhumans .maybe voice actors of dragon commander [violet] and wolfman [ookami blue]. in power rangers .

  25. i wanna be a power ranger but i’m only 13. Also i don’t have experience in gymnastics or acrobatics but i have experience in dance and acting. I don’t have a manager at the time.

    1. i wanna be a power ranger but i’m only 13. Also i don’t have experience in gymnastics or acrobatics but i have experience in dance and acting. I don’t have a manager at the time. My name is sanija by the way

  26. nickelodeon keeping the power rangers show in 2021 . power rangers 2019 casting to begin mid-march audition for boubutsu sentai zyuohger or uchu sentai kyuranger

  27. hi I will like to audition for the new power rangers coming in 2019 and it’s my dream to become the red ranger and since I was a little kid I Wanna to become a power ranger and I hope my dream can come true I watch power rangers since I was a little kid still today I still watch power rangers and I am the biggest fan of the power rangers and my favorite color is red and I hope I can come and audition for you guys because I will love to become a power ranger the red power ranger that is my dream to become the red power ranger so that it so yeah

    1. Well it your dream and you need to find here is the power rangers Beast morphers audition is at!

  28. good news power rangers fans a new power rangers series is power rangers beast morphers adapted tokumei sentai go-busters .power rangers beast morphers in 2019. new year happy in 2019.

  29. power rangers beast morphers and red beast morphers ranger ,blue beast morphers ranger ,and yellow beast morphers ranger . no character name yet .

  30. I really want to be casted in the newest power ranger season. I’m a fan from Philippines, Hope that i can be one of the chosen power ranger for this season. Please help me how to apply for it. Thank you!


  32. uchu sentai kyuranger like vehicle voltron they have to many people 15 and power rangers beast morphers like lion voltron they have 6 people. kaizoku sentai gokaiger adapted power rangers megaforce and power rangers super megaforce. my favorite lion voltron is the blue lion and my favorite childhood .

  33. My Name is Andrew Littleton I’m from Longview TX graduated Longview High School majoring theatre at Kilgore College and taking martial arts in America Society Karate as a yellow belt and I grew up watching power rangers since I was a little kid I actually don’t have a agents or a manager but I’m seriously looking forward to audition for the show if you want to hear from me my email address is littandr1254@gmail.com

  34. I really want to know when and where the cast auditions is going to be held at so that I can do my screen act

  35. Is there an official location for the casting try-outs? If so, I hope it’s in Florida. I really want to get the chance to be a Power Ranger.

  36. if you wish to contact me for the roll of the red ranger please contact me at (432)466-3912 I’m an amazing leader and I’m wise i would make the perfect red ranger because i will always be there for others and protect citizens and protect the earth from evil i know karate and tikwandoe i always look out for others.

  37. I would like to see a copper dr. pepper Jackie chan ninjas thor fighting style of animal power of a bear raven thunderowl bird of Greek alien power.

  38. Dam Power Rangers Go-Busters,I can already see red,blue,yellow,silver,gold,and special rangers “Black Panther, and Green Hitmotanaous” holy **** I would love to be a part of the crew,but who in the hell am I suppose to contact other than Iris?

  39. hi my name is Alana Krinapai and i’m 12 and i wanna be in new Saban’s power rangers please it would be a great Oppertunity to be another kid power ranger. Thank you and have a great day.

  40. good news saban adapted uchu sentai kyuranger in maybe 2021. saban skip two sentai seasons now. saban adapted lupinranger vs patranger in 2024 .

  41. I love into morphed titanium ranger do myself I need help please can I have morpher titanium ranger ask you tell me that aquabase at mariner bay

  42. Yo igual quiero ser el próximo que pertenezca ala franquisia de los power rangers pero no tengo agencia pero quiciera saber donde y cuando debo hacer la audición

  43. Been a fan of power rangers since Tommy jason billy trini Zack and kimberly. Would be cool if I could be a part of the next series.

  44. I have always wantef to be a power ranger. I have been a fam ever since the first one came up. From mighty morphin all the way to ninka super steel. Yes i have missed alot in power rangers but i can always catch up. I just wanna know how do i apply

  45. I have always wanted to be a power ranger. I have been a fan ever since the first one came up. From mighty morphin all the way to ninja super steel. Yes i have missed alot in power rangers but i can always catch up. I just wanna know how do i apply because i don’t have manager or agent

  46. What if your a 12 to 13 year old kid can you become a ranger just like justin the blue turbo ranger can go try out still

    1. What if your a 12 to 13 year old kid can you become a ranger just like justin the blue turbo ranger can go try out still and I live in great falls montana in fox farm but I don’t know who to contact and I have never acted before and I have been a fan of the power rangers since I was five years old and I would love to be the red ranger if you don’t mind I am only 5 foot 31/2 inches and I weigh 156.8 pounds where do I go to try out if I apply

  47. My name is Jamel Abdeljaber and I am nine years old it is my dream to be on a show I’d would love to be in it so thank you if I’m in it

  48. power rangers super beast morphers[zyuohger] yellow ranger be blue or white ranger female and who other girl be white or blue ranger female . if power rangers super beast morphers have a new girl now. in power zeo tommy now red/former white ranger and adam now green/former black ranger and rocky now blue/former red ranger. if power rangers super beast morphers blue be yellow or green ranger and red still red.

  49. power morphicon august 17 to 19 ,2018 went power rangers ninja steel cast . reveal the new cast on power rangers beast morphers cast only have three cast members are red,blue and yellow rangers . gold and silver rangers yet .

  50. power rangers beast morphers the new red ranger is a male stripper true. you still going to watching power rangers beast morphers ?! other blonde new yellow ranger again. only going watching new yellow ranger .my favorite other color is yellow . no pink ranger in power rangers beast morphers . maybe adapted next power rangers series cool.

  51. power morphicon 6 Saturday august 18,2018 reveal the new cast of power rangers beast morphers are rorrie d. travis – red ranger ,jasmeet baduwalia -blue ranger and Jacqueline scisltowski -yellow ranger. but no names of the new cast and only have red ranger ,blue ranger and yellow ranger.jacqueline scisltowski as hope cool name ,Ciara or luna , elise , marie,tricia,other names of new yellow ranger

  52. my name is bolaji i am wondering if i could act in your next movie pls i can really act i was the one who played papa ajasco says:

    i really love your show i even act it out

  53. good news in happy new year in 2019 .again good news is kishiryu sentai ryuusouger 43rd season . kishiryu sentai ryuusouger translated as knight dragon squadron ryuusouger . I hope power rangers adapted kishiryu sentai ryuusouger in future .I hope female blue ranger,female white ranger, pink or yellow rangers. on power rangers beast morphers Jacqueline scisltowski as jozey

  54. what if i dont have agency or a manager, can i be qualified to audition?
    by the way im from philippines, can asian like me qualified to audition?

  55. I am a 10 year old girl. I want to addition for the role of the pink ranger, but any ranger that’s a girl is fine with me. I also take karate, and the power rangers is like a goal for me to achieve. I like to look up to them so please pick me for a girl on the Power Ranger team. I mostly would like to be the Pink Power Ranger, but any one is fine with me that’s a girl. I do dance and karate, but not acrobatics or gymnastics. I can do a cartwheel a one handed cartwheel and a few other tricks. My name is Elizabeth Tsang, but you can call me Peach it’s my nickname. Than you for your time.

  56. i would love to be a power ranger, I’ve always loved the power rangers since I was little. I’d like to kick butt and do other cool stuff. 🙂

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  58. Hola Yo Sueño Mucho De Ser Pawer Ranger De Que Era Pequeño Y Todavía Los Veo Y Me Facina Me Gustaría Estar En Los Pawer Ranger De Este Año Daría Lo Que Fuera Para Estar Me Encara Mucho La Series Y Y Quiero Ser Pawer Ranger Si Ustedes Me Lo Muchas Gracias
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  59. good news power rangers beast morphers start premiere on Saturday morning at 8:00 am on next Saturday march 1,2019. new face on power rangers beast morphers season 2 is molly leisman as new character named Kerry Dixon have three appearance .I remember in power rangers turbo new character named Ashley first appearance on a drive to win . also I find out Ashley later becoming yellow ranger. I guess Kerry Dixon next yellow ranger in power rangers beast morphers season 2 . when tanya chosen Ashley replaced her [tanya] has new yellow ranger. maybe Zoey chosen Kerry replaced her [Zoey] next yellow ranger or picture of molly Leishman look like molly has a white tee-shirt on.molly be next white ranger .

  60. hello i’m 46 years old and my susan digiacomo .I starting watching mighty morphing power rangers in 1993 and I was about 19 or 20 years .I still watch to today . my favorite animals are cats,birds. my favorite is pink wildcat . I guess i’m a big and little cat person . . my favorite power rangers are tanya, Ashley, trini,aisha, Kimberley, .

  61. roxy was chosen to be the yellow ranger and not Zoey was chosen to be the yellow ranger no. if roxy original yellow ranger and Zoey said i’m proud to take her [roxy] place. maybe Zoey will be the new pink ranger in beast morphers second season . now roxy is back to ask Zoey get her jackrabbit key to her.please get Zoey be the new pink ranger.

  62. true is power rangers super beast morphers . davon red or blue ranger,.blaze red or new color,ravi blue or green ranger ,nate new color ranger unknown too., roxy yellow ranger and Zoey pink ranger. power rangers beast morphers two red rangers and two yellow rangers .one blaze was chosen to be the red ranger and nate chose davon to be new red ranger .two roxy was chosen to be the yellow ranger and nate chose Zoey to be new yellow ranger.

  63. if zyuogher gets adapted after beast morphers and Hasbro decidest to keep this cast devon [red],ravi [yellow],Zoey[blue]roxy[white].if Hasbro in power rangers beast morphers season 2 to replaced devon,zoey,ravi,roxy,blaze – new team and new characters . and nate [green].also in beast morphers season 2 if devon,zoey,ravi,roxy,blaze they chosen unnamed to replaced them. in power rangers turbo did. I find out Ashley new yellow ranger , cassie new pink ranger, t.j. new red ranger and new leader of new team,carlos new green ranger. Justin still the blue ranger.

  64. Hi , my name is Mariana Pereira , I’m 17 years old and I live in Portugal .
    I’ve been watching Power Rangers since I was born and I’m a huge fan .
    I don’t have any manager or agent , but I’m begging for you to choose me to portrait any ranger for the next Power Rangers ( rather be the black or white ranger ) .
    Please choose me . It would be a real dream come true for me .

  65. true Hasbro adaptation kyuranger in 2021. power morphicon 7 sept.4-6,2020. power rangers 2020 casting to begin mid-march. power rangers beast morphers cast and new team rangers.

  66. My dream goal become martial arts instructor and actor of the power rangers tv series.

    1. Hi there, my name is Elijah Burnett Tyler, I’m a 22 years old, autism, and martial artist karate, from Roanoke, Virginia. I grew up watching the power rangers TV series and movies since I was little kid. My favorite color is red ranger the leader. I graduated middle school and high school, and project search 8 years. I got opportunity to go Wilson Workforce And Rehabilitation Center at Fisherville, Virginia. My dream goal become martial arts blackbelt at October 22, 2022 age of 25, world martial arts champion, and actor of power rangers TV series. That’s was my dreams. “It’s morphin time”⚡🥋

  67. I was kid my dream power rangers I won’t become a power ranger but I don’t have anything but I got kicks fast speed i wanna be black ranger

  68. get gaston and belle out of the water castle griffin georgia when is power rangers 2 march of the dragon coming out at the movies my girlfriend belle beauty and beast 2017 boyfriend michael dewayne maxwell 1630 sonya drive the road is on call sandy plains zipcode 30066-5730 cobb county is marietta georgia house phone 770-977-4097 post office in marietta georgia my birthday december 7 on saturday 2019 i be 30 years old i promise i will open the big box i been good call me tonight 7pm please

  69. Hi my name is Jesse I am 15 and I would love it if u could put me on as a power ranger mostly green because that’s my favorite color.

  70. good news Hasbro adapted ryusoulger next year in 2021 .no name of next series yet. only have pink ranger.power rangers season 28-29. power rangers 2020 cast mid-march .power morphicon start sept.fri,4.,sat 5,sun6. on satuday septmeber 5,2020 on power morphicon 7 and they have reveal the new cast of team. new characters and new faces it. I love cats my favorite animal. my sister have little cat name sam he lookalike lion . no picture of sam yet .no power rangers series yet,characters and actors yet.

  71. Hi hasbro it’s sebastian i was hoping if you adapting kyuranger for power rangers 2021 because i like it with a 5 true people with 7 humans on space animals vehicles with space powers balls.

  72. good news power rangers 2020 casting to begin for next series. new characters name are kyle red ranger,alice pink ranger,glen blue or black, green ranger and alex black,blue,green ranger.they have only four charcters .about five ranger color ! ages of 17-21.

  73. bad news is Hasbro not adapting kyuranger for power rangers yet.good news Hasbro adapting ryusoulger for power rangers 2021.no power rangers series name yet.

  74. all power rangers fans is sad news power rangers dino fury will be the final season . Hasbro not adapted super sentai seasons noooooooooooooooooo.

  75. power rangers dino fury be 28 season.power rangers dino fury potentionally revealed : exclusive are russell curry be red ranger or black ranger or blue ranger,kai moya be blue ranger or red ranger or black ranger,chance penez be black ranger or blue ranger or red ranger, hunter deno be pink ranger or first time female green ranger,alexandra nunez be pink ranger or also first time female green ranger.i think hunter deno is pink ranger and alexandra Nunez is green ranger.

  76. good news is russell curry is red ranger,kai moya is blue ranger, hunter deno is pink ranger,chance penenz is black ranger, alexandra Nunez is green ranger and now alexandra Nunez was recast with other actor girl her name is tessa rao is your new green ranger.also on power rangers dino fury chance perez plays javi, tessa rao plays izzy.

  77. good news super sentai has new series named kikai sentai zenkaiger number 45. no colors yet for male and female yet too. i hope is pink and yellow rangers for female. red is leader of rangers.

  78. next power rangers adaptation be kiramager in 2023 & 2024. still have russell curry ,kai moya, hunter deno,chance penenz and tessa rao in kiramager too. russell curry red, kai moya blue ,chance penenz yellow ,hunter deno pink and tessa rao green. next power rangers adaptation be zenkaiger in 2025 & 2026 . zenkaiger like zeo . zenkaiger next zeo series when tommy new zeo red ranger ,adam new zeo green ranger , rocky new zeo blue ranger.kat still new zeo pink ranger and new character named tanya zeo yellow ranger.in turbo tommy old red turbo ranger ,tommy chose a tj to be the new red ranger , adam chose carlos to be the new green ranger,kat chose a girl named cassie chan to be the new pink ranger and tanya chose a girl named ashley hammond to be the new yellow ranger. maybe zenkaiger chose they choosing their successors like turbo.

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