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Power Rangers All-Stars Mobile Game Revealed

A brand new Power Rangers video game is coming to your mobile device!

Published by Nexon, the company behind the worldwide gaming sensation MapleStory, comes Power Rangers All-Stars.

Power Rangers All-Stars will be a role-playing game that allows gamers to form their dream team of Power Rangers. Featuring heroes from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers through Power Rangers Dino Charge, fans can collect and level up their favorite Rangers for combat using in-game coins and crystals.

Teams currently included in the game will be:

•Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
•Power Rangers Wild Force
•Power Rangers S.P.D.
•Power Rangers Mystic Force
•Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
•Power Rangers RPM
•Power Rangers Samurai
•Power Rangers Megaforce
•Power Rangers Super Megaforce
•Power Rangers Dino Charge

Fans can check out profile images for each team below, featuring the core team and their towering Megazords!

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At this time, it is unknown if, and when, other teams may join the game.

Other in-game features include:

•Exploring in 3D the Power Rangers’ Command Center.
•Piloting the most powerful Megazord guardians.
•Taking down massive, in-game original monsters.
•Completing Daily Missions and Dimensional Explorations with strategically selected Ranger teams.
•Selecting your best team of Rangers for 5-vs-5 training battles in the Dimensional Arena.
•Teaming up with members of your Alliance to complete Alliance Raids.
•Receiving exciting rewards when both idling and participating.

Power Rangers RPG will be available on both iOS and Android devices.

While the game has not yet released officially, fans can get an early taste by heading to Nexon’s pre-launch site to sign up for more details as soon as they drop.

Click here to head to pre-register for Power Rangers All-Stars!

In Power Rangers All-Stars, fans will begin in Story Mode where they will be guided through a tutorial by Doctor K and Colonel Truman from Power Rangers RPM. From there, they will earn the core five RPM Rangers (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black) with the ability to unlock additional Rangers from other seasons as they progress through Story Mode levels.

Fans can then use those unlocked Rangers in Versus Mode. In Versus Mode, fans can complete daily missions, explore key world from the Power Rangers universe, and train their Ranger teams in combat battles.

Nexon released the first trailer for the game on Facebook, which fans can watch by clicking here.

Power Rangers All-Stars was designed in partnership with Move Games to allow for easy playability. Gamers can choose to either manually control their characters, or customize their controls for auto-play.

At this time it is currently unknown when the game will officially release worldwide.

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8 thoughts on “Power Rangers All-Stars Mobile Game Revealed

  1. All I needed was the wild force team so we’re good. However, I said it even on the YouTube video, we need one for console. I’m grateful for getting games in the first place but theirs limitless possibilities if you try to make it for console. Graphics, story modes, multiplayer modes, online modes, etc. It would be beyond amazing

  2. Please reduce the prices for mega pass around $25-30, it’s too much money to spend in my country. So please consider my opinion and look forward to see the improvements on the rangers and the summon box . Thanks .

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