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Power Rangers Augmented Reality Ads Launched


Celebrate the Power Rangers’ milestone 25th anniversary with this brand new augmented reality (AR) experience!

Starting today, fans can find Power Rangers-themed ads launching around the web that will allow them to morph into a Power Ranger. Using your mobile device’s front-facing camera, try on an iconic Ranger suit and take your selfie – currently including the Mighty Morphin Red, Pink, and Green Rangers.

Fans can also click to “Tap for Command Center” turning their phone into an experience of Zordon’s legendary tube.

Each ad will be compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and won’t require the installation of any apps. The ad campaign will run until August 28, 2018 – the big 25th birthday of the franchise’s premiere.

“With this campaign, we’re able to connect with fans on a new level by putting them in the helmets of the Power Rangers to unleash their inner superhero. We were able to custom design, produce and distribute an AR experience for fans, accessible at scale.” – Janet Hsu, CEO, Saban Brands to Variety.

By tapping into innovative, emerging technologies such as augmented reality, Saban Brands felt they could both celebrate Power Rangers, and reach larger audiences that exist on today’s digital platforms.

The AR ad campaign will be just the start of a much bigger digital presence for Power Rangers’ 25th anniversary celebration. Fans can expect more surprises still to come as Saban Brands celebrates 25 years of Power Rangers all year long.

“I can’t reveal too much because we want to surprise fans throughout the year, but yes, [fans] can expect to see more exciting digital initiatives leading up to August 28th, which is the date ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ premiered in 1993.” – Janet Hsu, CEO, Saban Brands to Variety.

The new AR ads were designed by Vertebrae, an immersive advertising startup company based in Santa Monica, California. Under CEO Vince Cacace, Vertebrae has previous experience building ads in both virtual and augmented reality.

“We’ve seen this huge influx of interest in augmented reality, [where] we can use the same assets across Snapchat and the web. AR is outpacing VR at this point.” – Vince Cacace, CEO, Vertebrae to Variety.

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