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Power Rangers, Bandai Part Ways

A 25-year run has come to an end.

After serving as the master toy license for Power Rangers since the franchise’s inception in 1993, Bandai and Saban Brands have agreed to mutually part ways.

The agreement to not renew their partnership will become effective in April 2019. Until then, Bandai will continue to support Power Rangers with the production of toys for Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, and the franchise’s milestone 25th anniversary.

Bandai will continue to remain partnered with Toei Company Ltd. to produce toys for the Super Sentai series, which airs overseas in Japan.

The news became official in a joint statement put out by Saban Brands and Bandai.

After a successful 25-year partnership building the iconic action franchise, Power Rangers, Saban Brands and Bandai have mutually agreed not to renew their global Power Rangers master toy license agreement, effective April 2019. Bandai will continue to support Power Rangers, including the 2018 commemoration of the Power Rangers 25th anniversary and the current season, Super Ninja Steel. In addition, Bandai, through its partnership with Toei Company Ltd., will continue to exploit toy rights for the Super Sentai series, which has enjoyed over 40 years of success, in Japan and select other Asian territories.

At this time, it is unknown which toy company will inherit the rights to produce Power Rangers toys.

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23 thoughts on “Power Rangers, Bandai Part Ways

  1. It’s obvious why this is happening. The show producers have had enough of low quality toys representing whats seen on the show

    Remember the ninja spin toys that didnt spin?
    Saban has every right to not work with bandai anymore

  2. But why are they parting ways, and what is going to happen to the Legacy line of toys, specifically the Legacy deluxe megazord toys that haven’t been released yet?

    1. They’ll still be the same. Look at WWE, they parted ways with Jakks Pacific to Mattel and their flagship figures remain the same since their inception 18 years ago.

    1. Well there are rumors that saban is planning on selling the license to Hasbro which I wouldn’t mind since I am a fan of transformers and marvel legends

  3. This is what happens when you treat your employees like garbage and bank only on the toy sales. I hope this puts Saban into the ground for good.

  4. Is the legacy line gonna continue or get rebooted? Are the Bandai ones getting cut off till maybe the new legacy line is introduced? For now leave the mmpr line alone then introduce the zeo and turbo line

    1. I just hope if the Legacy line continues, they follow through on their original premise of making figures for all the Ranger teams. I personally would be okay with a reboot, even if it means we’d be getting more Mighty Morphin stuff.

  5. Wow. Why am I not surprised? Bandai makes the worst toys for the Power Rangers series, but they can do better for the Super Sentai series. Makes total sense. I can’t wait to see who the toy maker for the Power Rangers toy line will be. Hopefully, they will make MUCH better toys for Power Rangers. Anyway, what’s gonna happen to the Legacy toys?

  6. So will someone else be making Power Rangers toys or will that just stop altogether? Because if it’s the latter, that would be a mistake.

  7. YO! I Don’t want Saban team up with Hasbro ever again! Remember the VR Troopers’ action figures and vehicles?!

  8. Wow! This is huge news! Yes, it opens the door for a big company like Hasbro or Mattel to pick up the license, but what if it is a company with a less than stellar record like Jakks Pacific? Jakks would be in over its head and the fans would be the ones to suffer as a result.

    Saban will decide to go with whoever gives them the bid that includes the biggest cut of the $ for Saban, that is one thing you can count on.

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