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Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Character List

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid, the most ambitious Power Rangers console video game ever, is out now on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch – and coming soon to PC!

Latest Update: Four new characters are joining the game: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ White Ranger, Power Rangers Time Force’s Quantum Ranger, Power Rangers S.P.D.’s Shadow Ranger, and Power Rangers Jungle Fury’s Dai Shi!

Produced by nWay, Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid is a multiplayer fighting game which features heroes and villains from the long-running TV series, in combination with those from Lionsgate’s action-packed feature film. The game will be available for digital download at $19.99, bringing an entirely new fighting game experience to the Power Rangers franchise!

With a wide array of characters already made available, nWay has plans to continue expanding the character roster to include nearly every Power Ranger ever!

Below, fans can check out a running list of character updates for the action-packed console game, and check back often as new updates are announced!


Mighty Morphin
Red Ranger (Jason Scott)
Pink Ranger(Kimberly Hart)
Green Ranger (Tommy Oliver)
White Ranger(Tommy Oliver)
Armored Red Ranger (Jason Scott)
Alpha 5
Lord Zedd

Gold Ranger (Trey of Triforia)

Lost Galaxy
Magna Defender

Time Force
Pink Ranger (Jen Scotts)
Quantum Ranger (Eric Myers)

Shadow Ranger (Doggie Cruger)
Kat Ranger (Kat Manx)

Mystic Force
White Ranger (Udonna)

Jungle Fury
Dai Shi

Yellow Ranger (Gia Moran)

Saban’s Power Rangers Movie
Cenozoic Blue Ranger

BOOM! Studios Comics
Lord Drakkon
Lord Drakon (Evolution II)
Ranger Slayer
Mastodon Sentry
Dragon Armor Yellow Ranger


Mighty Morphin
Command Center
Zordon’s Training Room

S.P.D. Base

Mystic Force
Mystic Forest

Harwood County Warzone

BOOM! Studios Comics
Lord Drakkon’s Throne Room

13 thoughts on “Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Character List

  1. I hope the starting roster has the fifteen characters and not just nine. Still gonna buy it either way but I would rather have more characters. With a beast morphers ranger and hyper force I would be happy

    1. Yeah I’m pretty sure nway just spruced up the models from their phone game and put them into a better game engine for this.

  2. The red ranger helmet seems to looks better in this game than the mobile version. I really hope it won’t be long before we see more Rangers added. Really hoping for Hyperforce Rangers to be added as well as characters from seasons that don’t seem to be in the spotlight as much like Dino Thunder (Other than Tommy), Mystic Force, RPM, and Operation Overdrive.

    1. Aside from the 3 free characters so far that have been announced, expect to pay for season passes for access to the rest of the roster. Keep in mind this started as a mobile game. If you’ve played it then you should know how much nway loves that cash money.

  3. Just a mix up copy of SF & Dragonball fighter z.Someone made a mod redressing the fighter z characters as power rangers characters.I think they were inspired by that XD.

    1. Yeah, not at all dude. I’ve been playing it, it’s much more like a stubby Marvel vs Capcom game. FighterZ is much smoother, faster and the moves are more versatile. Battle for the Grid is a far cry from FighterZ.

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    The word “Evolution” is NOT a fact, it’s actually a fake (NOT real).
    Only the the words “CREATION and REVOLUTION” are true facts and REAL.
    So please remember and think carefully about that.

  5. The game is amazing and I love that the developers are still improving the game day by day week by week year by ear. I hope the game gets roster gets by adding tons of characters like MvC2 I wich had 56 so I’m excited for more Rangers . I hope to see more rangers such as the original blue black and yellow. As well as more rangers how they had legacy warsz. So many possibilities so many rangers. I love the game I love playing it

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