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Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 10 Spoilers

Power Rangers has begun its annual international run, as Australia has jumped ahead on Power Rangers Beast Morphers!

New episodes of Power Rangers Beast Morphers will return to the United States beginning on September 14, 2019 at 8:00am ET on Nickelodeon. Fans can look forward to 14 brand new episodes this fall!

Below, fans can find more from Power Rangers Beast Morphers’ 10th episode:

Episode 10 – Thrills And Drills
US Airdate: September 21
Ravi must face one of his worst fears when it interferes with his Ranger duties.


Scrozzle develops a chip that can collect data of the core three Rangers’ beast powers – cheetah speed, gorilla strength, and jackrabbit jumping. Roxy convinces Evox that she has a plan to get the data, and is worthy of the chip.

Back at Riptide Gym, the Rangers are training and Nate accidentally kicks Ravi in the mouth. His tooth begins hurting, and Ravi has flashbacks to his fear of dentists, and the drills they use. The Rangers tell Ravi he needs to get over his fear and get his tooth fixed, but Ravi insists he’ll be OK.

At the park, Roxy creates Drilltron and gives him Scrozzle’s chip so he can collect DNA. The Rangers show up to fight, but Ravi’s tooth continues to hurt. Roxy eventually retreats underground with Drilltron.

Ravi finally decides to go see a dentist, and is accompanied by Ben and Betty. But Ravi sees a drill and immediately runs.

The Rangers look for Roxy, insisting she has to come up from underground eventually. But Nate figures out that Roxy never intended to come above ground – she was trying to get underground the entire time so she could drill up into Grid Battleforce and steal Morph-X.

Nate takes Steel and Ravi into the city’s underground drains, where they find Roxy executing her plan. But as the trio spies on Roxy, a spider lands on Nate – his biggest fear. Ravi watches as Nate takes the spider off his shoulder, conquering his biggest fear, and feels inspired.

Scrozzle launches a Gigadrone, which Devon and Zoey fight. Meanwhile, Nate and Steel fight Roxy. This forces Ravi to get over his fear of drills and fight Drilltron. The Rangers win all of their battles.

As the episode ends, Ravi finally goes to the dentist to get his tooth fixed.

Back in the cyber dimension, Roxy reveals that Drilltron’s chip was able to collect gorilla strength DNA from the battle with Ravi. But Evox is disappointed she couldn’t get cheetah speed and jackrabbit DNA too. He enlists Blaze to collect the other two. Evox promises that whoever can get him the final two DNA’s will be rewarded with an “upgrade”.

7 thoughts on “Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 10 Spoilers

  1. This reminds me of part two of the Jungle Fury episode with the spirit masters. Although you may never fully get over a fear, you can control it in times when it matters most.

  2. I don’t blame Ravi fully for his fear. Drills aren’t fun at the dentist especially with cavities but he could have asked for a sleeping gas or have one of his friends to hold his hand.

    1. He must have gotten his fillings during the dark times before anesthesia apparently, I had cavities that needed to be dealt with earlier this year and thanks to my dentists numbing my gums, I barely felt a thing.

  3. I feel I need to point out out a couple of errors with this summary:

    -Roxy and Drilltron are trying to drill into a Morph X tower – not Grid Battleforce HQ itself.
    -Evox is upset at the end because Roxy didn’t get the Morph X – not because she didn’t collect the other two ranger powers.

    -Also, I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing this guy pretty soon:


  4. I want the episodes to air on Nickelodeon in America so I can watch them without any hassle. Why does Fu**ing Austraila get the new episodes before us people in America. What the f**k makes them so special

      1. It is acceptable. I’ve never seen a single person get arrested for cussing. Its not against the law and it doesn’t hurt anyone. So shut up

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