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Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 14 Spoilers

Power Rangers has begun its annual international run, as Australia has jumped ahead on Power Rangers Beast Morphers!

New episodes of Power Rangers Beast Morphers will return to the United States beginning on September 14, 2019 at 8:00am ET on Nickelodeon. Fans can look forward to 14 brand new episodes this fall!

Below, fans can find more from Power Rangers Beast Morphers’ 14th episode:

Episode 14 – Sound And Fury
US Airdate: October 26
The Rangers’ skills are put to the test when Blaze uses evil tech to massively enhance his Robotron’s destructive power.


Zoey helps Nate interview candidates for a new lab assistant. It starts with a snooty girl from Zord Maintenance named Megan. Meanwhile, Ben and Betty continue testing Nate’s new Cheetah Claw technology by chopping up salad.

Later, Nate goes to see a new movie in town, and Zoey happens to find him in line for the same movie. The two decide to go see it together, but Megan films them, knowing it looks like the two are on a date, thus, in violation of Grid Battleforce’s “Rangers can’t date Rangers” rule.

In the Cyber Dimension, Blaze brings in Tubatron 2.0, and plans to make him more powerful using Fury Cells he stole from Scrozzle’s stash. By placing one of the four Fury Cells on Tubatron, Blaze immediately makes him more powerful.

A stronger Tubatron attacks the city with Blaze, and the Rangers arrive to fight. Nate and Steel fight Blaze, trying to steal his other three Fury Cells. They only manage to get one, and Blaze escapes with the other two. Meanwhile, the other three Rangers fight Tubatron, but can’t stop his new strength. Tubatron even cracks Devon’s helmet, until Cruise rescues the Rangers to help them retreat.

Back at Grid Battleforce, Nate knows he can use the Fury Cell he stole to create a new power up mode for Devon. But he needs a lab assistant. He asks Zoey to pick one of the candidates for him.

In the hallway, Zoey is stopped by Megan, who reveals she has footage of her “date” with Nate. She blackmails Zoey into picking her for the job, threatening to show Commander Shaw the footage from the movies. Zoey complies and Megan becomes the new lab assistant.

Nate asks Megan to power up the Cheetah Claws with Morph-X, but behind Nate’s back, Megan puts in more than needed. This causes the Cheetah Claws to malfunction, nearly injuring Ben and Betty.

Megan reports the incident to Commander Shaw, trying to frame Nate for Ben and Betty’s near-injury. Megan reveals that because of Nate’s actions, she should be the new head of the lab. But Zoey walks in and reveals Megan’s plan to blackmail her. To make matters worse for Megan, Nate walks in and reveals he figured out that the Cheetah Claw malfunctioned because Megan disobeyed his orders. A disgusted Commander Shaw has Megan removed from the base by security.

Tubatron attacks again, and the Rangers rush off to fight. But this time, Devon uses a new power-up mode powered by Nate’s Fury Cell: Fury Mode. With his new mode, Devon defeats Tubatron.

Scrozzle releases a Gigatron, which Devon’s Racer Zord defeats.

At Riptide Gym, Zoey grabs a smoothie with Nate, and reveals that she “like likes” him. Nate reveals that he “like likes” her too. But the episode ends as the two don’t know what to do because Rangers can’t date Rangers.

18 thoughts on “Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 14 Spoilers

  1. Hasbro really needs to pull Power Rangers off Nickelodeon after Saban’s contract extension expires in 2021. These long hiatuses are freaking killing me. Fans deserve better. And we shouldn’t have to wait for 5 months year after year for new episodes. Plus Beast Morphers still isn’t on Netflix yet. So really after 2021’s Power Rangers I wanna see Hasbro take it off Nick and put it on another network that won’t be doing the same crap that Nick does. And I want Hasbro to start doing one year seasons. Just like back in the day.

      1. Why not. There are alot of kids shows exclusive to Netflix. Whats wrong with Power Rangers joining the rank

        1. Netflix is cheap. Its only like $10 a month. And everyone has it. Even my 68 year old Mother has Netflix and uses it like crazy.

    1. I hope Hasbro brings up the idea of having a brand new T.V channel for Power Rangers, a network which will only show the Power Rangers Seasons all day. I mean. wouldn’t that be just sooo dope???!!! I think it is a brilliant idea. someone should definitely pass it to Hasbro.

      1. charge 10 bucks a month to watch any and all seasons from mighty morphin all the way till now and have them jump around seasons and watch any episode they want hell i be down for that.

  2. So cute that Nate and Zoey reveal they have feelings for each other but GRidforce rules may keep them apart. But in the team up maybe the past rangers can help them and Ravi see that just because your rangers doesn’t mean you can only be friends

  3. If Hasbro moves the rangers to a new channel I can access that doesn’t take months of hiatus I will be pleased. Months are too long but if they only take a week or two breaks between episodes that I can handle since its counterpart super sentai does the same thing

    1. exactly after the contract with Nick is over. I want to see PR move to another channel. Please Hasbro do NOT renew.

  4. I Just hope they don’t do what the did in megaforce. Were nothing happens from to rangers that want to be a thing.

  5. Megan might actually be the first non-powered up human villain! Either that or she’s secretly working for Evox!

      1. Actually she has *two* directors under her PR credits, so she’s likely to appear in at least one more episode.

  6. I see the red ranger has the fury cell to power up and turning into a Red Ranger Fury Mode. I saw it on ep 14. What did you guys think?

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