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Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 18 Spoilers

Power Rangers has begun its annual international run, as Australia has jumped ahead on Power Rangers Beast Morphers!

New episodes of Power Rangers Beast Morphers will return to the United States beginning on September 14, 2019 at 8:00am ET on Nickelodeon. Fans can look forward to 14 brand new episodes this fall!

Below, fans can find more from Power Rangers Beast Morphers’ 18th episode:

Episode 18 – Rewriting History
US Airdate: November 23
Steel must find a way to save his friends after Vargoyle creates a device that modifies the other Rangers’ memories.


The Rangers walk around the park, and Steel decides he wants a pet. The other Rangers think Steel isn’t ready to own one, so Nate makes a deal that Steel can get a pet only if he successfully takes care of a plant for a week.

In the cyber dimension, Vargoyle launches his plan. He launches the memory device he planted on the Coral Harbor building roof, and the device begins taking over the minds of every human. Vargoyle reveals he’s replacing every humans’ memories. Everyone in Grid Battleforce is having their memories changed to where Blaze and Roxy never became evil avatars, they instead became the actual Red and Yellow Rangers.

Vargoyle’s plan is successful, but the device is unable to affect Steel as he’s half robot. As he’s shopping for plants with Devon, Devon’s memories are wiped, and Devon has no clue who Steel is, or why he’s being called the Red Ranger.

Steel knows something is wrong, and he takes Devon to Grid Battleforce’s simulator since he knows it’s the only thing that’ll get him to not run from a robot.

The duo arrives at Grid Battleforce, but Ben and Betty confiscate their Morphers since they have no clue who Devon and Steel are. Without an ability to morph, Vargoyle attacks Grid Battleforce. He reveals his plan to Steel, and the two fight. Steel is getting beat, until Devon saves him with his cheetah DNA. Devon is incredibly confused how he has cheetah speed.

Now trusting Steel, Devon runs to get the Morphers back from Ben and Betty, while Steel continues to fight Vargoyle. Devon is successful, but Vargoyle ends up destroying Steel’s plant before running off. Steel is incredibly upset since he knows he now won’t get a pet.

Inside Grid Battleforce, Blaze and Roxy instruct Zoey, Ravi, Nate, Ben, and Betty to pack up the Mega Transporters (the devices that turned them into evil avatars).

Devon and Steel search the city for Vargoyle’s device that’s taking over people’s memories. They find it, but can’t reach the device as it’s protected by an electrical force field. Devon knows he can go inside the building to shut off the electrical power, but he’s intercepted downstairs by Vargoyle. The two have a one-on-one fight, and Vargoyle is losing because he doesn’t have enough Morph-X to power his upgrades.

He calls on Scrozzle to send him more Morph-X, and Scrozzle agrees to do so – until he realizes Blaze and Roxy took the Morph-X to sabotage Vargoyle.

Devon is able to defeat Vargoyle, and Steel destroys Vargoyle’s device. But the electrical force field damages Steel and he’s badly hurt.

With the device destroyed, everyone’s memories are restored. But Blaze and Roxy are able to escape Grid Battleforce with the Mega Transporters in time.

At Grid Battleforce, Nate works to fix Steel while the other 3 Rangers fight off a Gigadrone from Scrozzle. The Rangers win with the Beast-X Megazord, and Nate is able to revive Steel. Steel is still upset he couldn’t protect his plant, but the Rangers realize that he did save an entire city. They agree to get him a pet.

Steel adopts a dog named Spot. The Rangers walk him in the park, but a young girl named Lacey falls in love with Spot. Steel sees what a great fit the two are, and decides to give Spot to Lacey. He knows his Ranger duties won’t allow him to take care of Spot the way he deserves.

In the cyber dimension, Blaze and Roxy bring back the Mega Transporters. They also reveal to Evox that they did something to Roxy’s sleeping body at Grid Battleforce, laughing as they now reveal that despite Vargoyle’s antics, their final plan is going exactly as planned.

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  1. You know I saw the thumbnail on the article, thought they were going to try a whole new twist, and still it’s just like, “What? Something interesting? No, you want the same kind of structure from 25 years ago.”

  2. Stop posting this crap. STOP!!!! The show is coming back on TV in the U.S. in just 5 days. I’m tired of seeing international spoilers. When the ratings start to decline you motherf***ers will be the ones to blame. I’m not interested in knowing whats going to happen early. Just stop already.

    1. Why dont u Shut the hell up and go somewhere else if you dont wanna read spoilers don’t nobody cares what you think or feel your irrelevant and Aint worth it #ByeFelicia

  3. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read. I’m still gonna watch. Sounds interesting, although it would’ve made for a cool alternate timeline story.

  4. This is something that Hasbro needs to fix. They need to not let Austraila get the whole damn season before us Americans see it. And I hope Hasbro fixes that in 2020

    1. Allspark uses different partners to handle broadcasting globally just like Saban did once the drives are out to the networks they have no control. 9 airs Power Rangers currently in the AU broadcast region Marvista handles Power Rangers distribution for Allspark under a deal inked by Saban., pre brodband we would only get badly compressed realvideo copies of the episode and text summiries now we get UHD versions of the Episodes as they aire in China and in poland and wait for fansubs on the polish dubed episodes. whit that Allspark’s My little pony Friendship is magic. remember the Bronies know your pain.

  5. roxy was originally yellow ranger & blaze was originally red ranger. who better in suit roxy vs Zoey yellow? who better in suit blaze vs devon? I don’t kown is better in suit tie between roxy and Zoey. I think blaze is better in suit when devon sorry .

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