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Power Rangers Beast Morphers Invades Licensing Expo

Saban Brands has brought the Power Rangers to Licensing Expo 2018!

Taking center stage at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas is Power Rangers Beast Morphers. The Red, Blue, and Yellow Rangers coming to Nickelodeon in 2019 are on display at Saban Brands’ booth at the annual industry trade show.

This is the first public appearance for the Power Rangers Beast Morphers suits.

Hanging above the booth was brand new artwork for Power Rangers Beast Morphers. The artwork exclusively revealed the names for the robotic sidekicks that will accompany the Power Rangers in their fight against evil – the Beast Bots. Each of the core three Rangers will have their own Beast Bot: the Red Ranger’s Cheetah, the Blue Ranger’s Gorilla, and the Yellow Ranger’s Jackrabbit. The Beast Bots will be the Rangers’ companions who bear strong resemblances to the team’s Zords.

Fans can check out all the new Power Rangers Beast Morphers artwork below.

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Power Rangers Beast Morphers will be the first season to air under Hasbro’s ownership following the toy giant’s acquisition of the property in early May 2018 (recap here).

Also on display were key items honoring the franchise’s 25-year history.

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One entire wall panel was dedicated to Tommy Oliver, a character largely considered to be the brand’s most iconic Power Ranger. With all five of his Ranger helmets present (Mighty Morphin Green, Mighty Morphin White, Zeo Red, Turbo Red, and Dino Thunder Black), Tommy’s legacy (portrayed by Jason David Frank) was on full display.

Power Rangers villains took another wall panel with various evil weaponry, including Goldar’s head plate, Lord Zedd’s Z-Staff, and Rita Repulsa’s evil staff. The staffs on display were actual props used on-screen during filming in the 1990’s.

Another wall was dedicated to some of the infamous weapons that the Power Rangers have harnessed over the past 25 years – including Power Rangers Lost Galaxy‘s Quasar Saber, Power Rangers Dino Charge‘s Morpher, Power Rangers Super Megaforce‘s Mega Saber, and more.

Lastly, some of the key 25th Anniversary Power Rangers products were also displayed from partners including Funko, Tamashii Nations, BOOM! Studios, Johnny Cupcakes, and more.

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8 thoughts on “Power Rangers Beast Morphers Invades Licensing Expo

  1. The beast morphers power rangers look so cool! Power rangers gets its first panda zord in ninja steel and now its first rabbit zord in Beast morphers

    1. Bandai had announced plans to do the Astro Megaship, but it was in that line that’s out now with the non-transforming Zords. So, even if it does get made, it might not be what fans have been hoping for.

    1. I Heard that.

      Plus i have the perfect name for the evil Megazords, i call them Negazords.

      You know as in the negative Megazords?

  2. I hate seeing all these gokaiger arsenals. And I certainly hate seeing most of the episodes of Super Megafailure (including that manipulating girl-stealer Orion, played by manipulating Girl-Stealer Cameron Jebo). I wish that Saban Brands and that treacherous heartbreaker Mr. Tzachor had never ever copied those hated Gokaiger counterparts (especially not the fake royal wedding, which the episode title: United as one happens to be the most worst and hated that Mr. Tzachor, or perhaps I should say “Mr. Jonathan Trash”, had terribly chosed)

    1. Hey! You watch your tone mister!

      There are some PR fans like Megaforce and Super Megaforce hands down!

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