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Power Rangers Bluetooth Trackers Revealed

The Power Rangers have saved the world countless times, and now they’re here to join the fight against losing your prized possessions!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Bluetooth Trackers have been released, designed by Foundmi. Foundmi produces tracking devices that allow buyers to attach one of their favorite pop culture characters to their wallet, laptop, or any other frequently lost object.

From there, buyers will be able to use the Foundmi app on either iOS and Android to locate their item of value.

Each Foundmi Bluetooth Tracker sells at $25 each, currently made for the core six Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink, Green). Currently, the trackers are available online only.

Foundmi also produces Bluetooth Trackers for other popular franchises including Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Comics.

Fans can click here to order their tracker today!

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