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Power Rangers Hardcover Journals Revealed

Insight Editions is adding to their best-selling line of pop culture notebooks by introducing the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

Releasing in beautiful, hardcover ruled quality, the Power Rangers journals will allow fans to power up their pen and paper like never before. Each journal will include captivating artwork from Boom! Studios’ popular line of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics, in addition to 192 blank pages of high-quality heavy stock paper.

The journals will be released in three editions: Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Green Ranger. Each edition will feature its respective Power Rangers’ Power Coin emblem on the front, with more striking artwork lining the journal’s interior.

Each journal will retail at approximately $18.99, available for pre-order on Amazon using the links below. The Red Ranger and Pink Ranger editions are slated for release in October 2017, with the Green Ranger edition to follow in March 2018.

Pre-order Red Ranger
Pre-order Pink Ranger
Pre-order Green Ranger

Insight Editions will also be releasing the highly anticipated Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History book in 2018, a collection of artwork, behind-the-scenes photos, and stories detailing the Power Rangers’ 25 year history.

While that prize collector’s item waits in the wings, fans can take their studying, note-taking, and writing to the next level with Insight Editions’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers journals. Check out the full gallery of journal photos below.

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2 thoughts on “Power Rangers Hardcover Journals Revealed

  1. I love writing in a journal. Been recording my life in one for years and to do this with MMPR it will truly be a dream come true. But I have to finish writing in the one I have first before it can be #MorphinTime

  2. Are they going to do any journals for Black, Blue, Yellow, and White? It would be good if they did so, because then there would be a complete set of these journals.

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