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Power Rangers: Heroes Of The Grid Board Game Announced

A brand new Power Rangers board game has arrived!

Power Rangers: Heroes Of The Grid lets fans save Angel Grove from the evil wrath of Rita Repulsa! Produced by Renegade Game Studios, in partnership with Hasbro, the co-operative board game will allow for up to 2-5 players to join the action.

Fans can click here to check out the game’s official Kickstarter page!

Created by infamous game designer Jonathan Ying, with all design artwork by popular artist Dan Mora from BOOM! Studio’s Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers comic book series, Power Rangers: Heroes Of The Grid will let fans drive home the franchise’s core concepts of teamwork and creativity.

Fans can check out some of the player pieces below, which include Kimberly the Pink Ranger, Rita Repulsa, and the Putty Patrol. Other characters to be included in the game include Pudgy Pig and Madame Woe, popular villains from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show.

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Each game session is expected to last from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The game doesn’t stop there! A Shattered Grid expansion pack will be made available that sees Lord Drakkon rise up to form a deadly army, threatening the existence of the Morphin Grid.

The expansion pack will include characters from BOOM! Studios’ hit Power Rangers: SHATTERED GRID comic book series such as the Ranger Slayer, Black Dragon, and Lord Drakkon. Power Rangers Hyperforce and Power Rangers Zeo will be a part of expansion packs as well, delighting fans of Hyper RPG’s tabletop role playing game.

Power Rangers: Heroes Of The Grid is set for release in Spring 2019, but fans can get their first look in person at Power Morphicon 6 on August 17-19, 2018 in Anaheim, California. Stop by Renegade Game Studios’ booth at the show to learn how the game works!

Fans can check out official artwork for Power Rangers: Heroes Of The Grid below.

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