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Power Rangers: Heroes Of The Grid Phase 2 Announced

The biggest Power Rangers board game ever is expanding!

Power Rangers: Heroes Of The Grid, the popular board game that debuted in 2017, is coming back for another phase. Phase 2 will allow fans to go “back to the grid”, as they play with new characters and take on new challenges in an expansion to the board game that’s become widely beloved by Power Rangers fans.

Phase 2 will include characters from Power Rangers Zeo, and Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel‘s 25th anniversary special, ‘Dimensions In Danger’. Characters from other seasons will be revealed at a later date.

Fans can begin to pledge their support for Phase 2 when it launches on Kickstarter on September 17, 2019.

Power Rangers: Heroes Of The Grid lets fans save Angel Grove from the evil wrath of Rita Repulsa! Produced by Renegade Game Studios, in partnership with Hasbro, the co-operative board game allows for up to 2-5 players to join the action.

Created by infamous game designer Jonathan Ying, with all design artwork by popular artist Dan Mora from BOOM! Studio’s Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers comic book series, Power Rangers: Heroes Of The Grid will let fans drive home the franchise’s core concepts of teamwork and creativity.

Each game session lasts from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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23 thoughts on “Power Rangers: Heroes Of The Grid Phase 2 Announced

  1. Please, not Gia Moran or that crazy dislike Orion of Andresia with that stupid pirate Gokaiger suit, helmet, arsenal and even mecha again.

        1. Say whatever you want. But I’m never thanking Cameron Jerko for almost stealing Christina Masterson from Andrew Gray, especially not on set.

      1. You know what? It sounded like, you’re letting Ciara Hanna and Cameron Jebo LIVE as wannabe famous ranger cast members, while letting Andrew Gray & Christina Masterson as Fashion models, as well as Azim Rizk and John-Mark Loudermilk as comedians SUFFER and DIE.

  2. Hey there f**ks I’m back. Did you think I was really gone forever. I just needed a break from the bulls**t. But now I’m back and I’m ready to take down anyone who disagrees with me

  3. Didn’t you remember about the HATED moment when Ciara Hanna actually deliberately took – but tricked and fooled Andrew Gray at the California beach more than 5 years ago?

    1. This is exactly why I took a break from this pathetic excuse for a power rangers news page. Because of stupid idiots like you and Dave

    1. I don’t even have an answer to that. He’s always coming here saying the same nonsense about Megaforce cast members all the damn time. Its so freaking annoying. This is exactly why I had to take a break from coming here for 3 days. Perhaps I should take a even longer break from this stupid guy who never shuts up about megaforce this and that

  4. Listen and calm down. It wasn’t the cast members’ fault, it was actually the unfaithful/Treacherous Mr. Tzachor, Cameron (Jerko) Jebo, and Jason Smith’s fault. And that’s that, this conversation is finished. -sighs- 😧

    1. I can’t figure you if you’re retarded or if you’re stuck in the past. Megaforce was 6 years ago. Get with the times. Hasbro owns Power Rangers now, not Saban. And really the only reason Saban sold PR to Hasbro is cause of the mass amount of stupid people on the internet talking s**t about PR on a daily basis. That and the money involved too. Cause money is what makes the world go round.

  5. I mean I love Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai. But I don’t come on here and talk about the Samurai cast all the time. Even though I got the chance to meet all of them at Power Morphicon 2012.

  6. I need to ask a question. Aren’t Camille Hyde and her adoptive brother Michael Taber still getting along as a Ranger Family?

  7. Did you still not hear that Ciara Hanna was and is cheating, I mean, seriously cheating on all her ex-boyfriends? Because I already knew that shockingly.

  8. And you know what else? Ciara Hanna should just stop her entire acting career, including some of the PR fan-films, because I don’t like her being the only Megaforce Ranger in the PR franchise.

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