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Power Rangers HyperForce RPG Announced

It’s morphin time for the newest team of Power Rangers!

Power Rangers HyperForce, the first licensed property to live-stream a table-top role playing game on Twitch, has officially been announced!

The game will launch in celebration of the brand’s 25th anniversary and will stream live on Hyper RPG, an industry leading channel on Twitch, the world’s leading social video service and community.

Earlier this year, in promotion of 2017’s feature film with Lionsgate, Twitch ran a seventeen-day long Power Rangers marathon on its Twitch Presents channel and streamed all 23 seasons and 831 episodes of the television series. This was one of Twitch’s most successful campaigns to date with nearly 13MM channel views and 7.4MM chat messages.

Based on the success of this digital initiative, Power Rangers, Hyper RPG and Twitch are teaming up as part of the Power Rangers’ year-long celebration of the franchise’s 25th anniversary.

Fans can check out all the show details below, including the premiere date, storyline, and cast members!

Show Details

The show will premiere on October 24 from 6:00 – 9:00PM PT, live on www.twitch.tv/hyperrpg.

Shows will air weekly and each of the 25 episodes for the 25th anniversary celebration will provide three hours of tabletop role playing and real-time interaction with the franchise’s dedicated, global fan base.

About the Game

Power Rangers HyperForce is set in the year 3016 at Time Force Academy. A team of Time Force Ranger cadets must band together to defeat an ancient evil who is set on unraveling the very fabric of the universe. Under the leadership of their mentor, Jen Scott, and with the show’s Game Master, Malika Lim, the newly minted Rangers will cross both time and space to complete their mission while running into many familiar eras (and faces) along the way.

The stakes have never been higher as the players learn what it means to be a Ranger in a live, tabletop RPG environment where anything can happen.

Hyper RPG has developed a Twitch Extension that will allow viewers to select a Ranger that is permanently tied to the user’s unique ID. Viewers will be able to send their Ranger out on daily missions, boss battles, and raids, as well as trade cool loot with other players.

The Suits

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The suits for Power Rangers HyperForce will be based on Greek mythology, with each suit containing minor visual call backs to legendary Power Rangers teams from the past!

The designs were created by Peter Sudarso, Red Ranger on Power Rangers HyperForce and Blue Ranger on Power Rangers Ninja Steel. The suits will mark the first-ever Power Rangers team to feature suits based on the serpent, Cerberus, and ram.

Fans can check out the official suit designs above.

The team features male Red, Blue, and Yellow Rangers, and female Black and Pink Rangers.

The Zords

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The Zords for Power Rangers HyperForce are also based on Greek mythology, with each Zord containing special attacks that can take down opponents.

The Hyper Zords feature:

•Red Lion Hyper Zord
•Blue Serpent Hyper Zord
•Black Cerberus Hyper Zord
•Yellow Ram Hyper Zord
•Pink Phoenix Hyper Zord

Together, the Zords come together to form the Chronos Hyper Force Megazord.

The Cast

· Peter Sudarso (the Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Steel) as Marvin the Red Ranger.

· Andre “Black Nerd Comedy” (Power Rangers Superfan and popular content creator) as Eddie the Blue Ranger.

· Meghan Camarena (popular social media personality, Strawburry17) as Chloe the Pink Ranger.

· Paulie Schrier (fan-favorite “Bulk” in Power Rangers) as Jack the Yellow Ranger.

· Cristina Vee (actress and social media personality) as Vesper the Black Ranger.

Throughout the series, special guests will join the cast including Erin Cahill (Pink Ranger, Power Rangers Time Force) for the premiere episode.

The Theme Song

Power Rangers HyperForce features a brand new theme song and intro created by Saban Brands!

The theme song is unique to Power Rangers HyperForce, while drawing on inspiration from the Power Rangers Dino Charge theme song.

Fans can watch and listen to the newest Power Rangers theme song by clicking here!


The Power Rangers HyperForce cast will use custom metal dice made by blacksmith Gil Ramirez (@GilTheVlogsmith). These dice will help determine the fate of the entire show as each roll determines what happens next!

Be sure to get your morphers ready and tune in to Power Rangers HyperForce – premiering only on Twitch!

47 thoughts on “Power Rangers HyperForce RPG Announced

  1. Out of curiosity, what is the system that is going to be used for this game, and will it be made available for purchase/download? I have wanted to run a PR themed RPG for years and have had trouble finding a good system to do it.

    1. my guess is it’ll use either the same system as Shadowrun (MOUNTAINS OF D6s) or those end of the world games…(ooddles of d6s)

      1. Ahh, the joys of the dice pool systems. I am curious how Shadowrun could be retooled into a good PR game. May have to fiddle around with that.

    2. The system is something brand new, designed by Malika, the GM. So it’s going to premiere not just a fun new show with a brand new cast of characters, it’s also going to premiere a never before seen RPG system.

  2. So it’s Harmon Quest… But with Paul Schrier instead of Dan Harmon, and Power Rangers instead of Dungeons and Dragons….

    1. Wouldn’t Hydro Force be Alien Rangers from the Power Rangers Oooze back in time set? They live in water after all. Though can come out of it for a certain amount of time.

  3. This really should be something very cool. HyperRPG has done a really good job of creating really great content over the past 18 months or so and HyperForce should be no different.

  4. Lol I’ve been running a campenge where they group basically grows throw the history of power rangers we are currently on in space where the red ranger is s female anbui doggy Krueger race from spd hell they even teamed up with space sheriff Gavin to help find the location of a base cordon might be at lol we run it off the 3.5 system

  5. Since now there are five hyperforce power rangers I would like to join RPG tabletop power rangers hyperforce because I never been on the power rangers TV series or RPG game but I want to be the sixth hyperforce ranger also known as the green hyperforce ranger if they had hyperforce morphers and weapons please may I join the hyperforce power rangers is part of the power rangers family after hyperforce is super hyperforce its morphin time hyperforce power up

    1. What would your animal be? Since the other suits are based on Greek mythology, the animal l would need to be at least partly mythological. I would like to be either the Gold Ranger with the Sphinx as my animal, or the Orange Ranger with my animal being a mythologically based version of a tiger. Also, my character would not be a human, instead I would want my character to be an alien cat. There are very few none human Power Rangers compared to the rangers who are human in the official Power Rangers universe, and since this RPG is suppose to be set in the 31st Century, and since “Power Rangers”, in general, is suppose to be all about diversity, there needs to be more Power Rangers who are aliens, especially in this RPG. And I mean aliens who look humanoid, but are obviously not human.

      1. I know what my hyper force animal/zord would be, a hydra, tying in with the greek themes they’ve got going on

    2. You could pilot the Chariot Zord. A giant Silver Horse with a Gold mane that can lift the Megazord into the sky. Sorta like the Tor or Gold Zeo Pyramid zord

    1. The 1969 rangers from Boom Studios’ Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, issue #20, has a female Black Ranger and a male Pink Ranger. And that issue was announced before this RPG game was announced.

  6. If this RPG game is a success, it could adapt to a movie. If Lionsgate didn’t announce the sequel to this year’s movie that was very good.

    1. There is no definite word, yet, on whether or not there will even be a sequel, but as soon as there is definite confirmation (NOT just speculation and hearsay) of a sequel, the news will appear on this website almost immediately.

  7. Mmmmmh does someone know for which consoles will be available for this games…. I hope for s4 or nintendo 3ds….

    1. Its a tabletop Game it wont be on any game systems. Plus its made for the show, so there is no plans to release it to the public, but it may happen.

  8. Is Meower Rangers and Hyper Force apart of the Post Zordon Era, Neo Saban Era or something new like a Webisode Era?

  9. I know they will somehow give the Red Hyper Force Ranger his own Battlizer, but I hope Saban and crew will give the other Rangers Mega Battles.

  10. One of two things is going to happen; they’ll see how lucrative this could be and sell the system, custom dice, and those dice Morpher things. Or someone’s gonna Homebrew the system and put it up.

  11. I wish this game comes to apple iOS because I am power ranger fanatic and would love to play it but don’t have android device so it would be lovely if it comes out on both formats

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