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Power Rangers Is The Movie This World Needs

The scene is Angel Grove High’s football stadium, in the darkest of nights. Five teens walk in, battered and beaten, unsure if they’re capable of taking on the evil Rita Repulsa who plans to destroy their city.

But following an inspiring speech from Jason Scott, a fallen superstar who at that moment finally amounts to the leader the world has always expected of him, the teens walk out of the stadium as Power Rangers.

No, they don’t morph into their rainbow-colored armor. They don’t walk out in command of their larger-than-life Zords. But the five teens, each of whom is as starkly different from one another on the inside as they are on the outside, finally unite – delivering a powerful message truly worthy of being called Power Rangers.

It’s an impactful scene not just because of the slow motion effects, or the epic music playing in the background – but because the scene represents the culmination of Saban’s Power Rangers movie delivering the message this world needs to hear right now.

Together We Are More.

You’ve heard that cliché slogan before because Lionsgate posterized it across the film’s marketing campaign. But despite being in plain sight across billboards from Times Square to Los Angeles, it’s a deep slogan that most people, and moviegoers, still managed to miss.

Maybe people were too busy waiting for the morph sequence. Maybe people were too preconceived with other thoughts. Or maybe the movie just didn’t lay the message on thick enough.

But it’s a message that easily translates to today’s world.

We live in a society where people are constantly divided – by race, gender, sexual orientation, crime, political indifference, and more. No matter your stance, there is no denying that the constant headlines of shootings, riots, political uprisings, and biases only continue to divide people further.

Movements like #BlackLivesMatter, #BlueLivesMatter, #LGBTPride, and #NoMore are only more indicative of the clear divides that today’s world faces.

And for many people, this division has caused them to lose sight of the one simple message we all know to be true, but often forget.

Together We Are More.

Saban’s Power Rangers movie only represents an incredibly tiny microcosm of what’s taking place in our world today, following five teens who couldn’t be more different based on their personalities, ethnicities, upbringings, and struggles.

One grieves a sickly parent, while others cope with bullying. Some suffer from the hefty weight of regret, while others hurt from overbearing family pressure to either be, or not be, a certain way.

And the only thing these five teens do have in common? Is the belief that no one can possibly have it worse than they do.

It sounds a lot like the current events of today’s world, because it is. Yet we all know how Saban’s Power Rangers ends, and can only hope that today’s society sees a similar resolution – for each other, for civilization, and for our future.

The scene at the Angel Grove High football stadium means so much because despite not morphing into their armor, it’s the moment in which these five teens finally shed their indifferences to unite – for the greater good of the world, the city, and the team. And that’s what defines them as Power Rangers: not their Zords, or armor, or superpowers – just five everyday kids coming together for the good of humanity.

Today’s world needs more real-life Power Rangers, and any one of us can become just that. Some of us already are.

Saban’s Power Rangers movie is the movie this world needs right now, because it delivers the message this world needs right now.

Together We Are More.

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7 thoughts on “Power Rangers Is The Movie This World Needs

  1. You’re admiration in this scene is misplaced and instead should be going towards the campfire scene, of which would’ve been perfect if Kimberly had her resolution there as well and Jason gone into more depth of his life. The problem with this football stadium scene is Jason isn’t so much being a leader as he is taking up his anger against Zordon/life and getting Billy killed in the process, with everyone else’s life luckily being spared. He put all his friends and the whole world in jeopardy over classical teen anger flaws. While he was busy judging Zordon and getting Billy killed, Zordon sacrificed his one chance to come back to life to instead bring back someone he barely knows, forever dooming his existence to a wall. That’s what real heroes do and what it means to be a power ranger. I completely agree with your message and everything, just don’t agree with the football stadium scene being the movie’s big epiphany moment. The whole fight with Rita shouldn’t really had happened, the movie and it’s message could’ve played out in a better way. Their complete understanding of each other should’ve happened at the campfire leading into their first morph, without Billy’s death getting them to understand. I think the message and the movie’s pacing would’ve played out better that way in my opinion.

  2. Sounds like the gay agenda isn’t real after all. People have to support everything you mentioned without question, gotcha.

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