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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Releasing March 23


Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, the mobile video game, will be released on March 23!

Produced by nWay, the mobile game will be available on iOS and Android the day before Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie hits theaters.

The announcement was made by the tandem of Jason David Frank and Ludi Lin, who play the original Green Ranger and new Power Rangers movie Black Ranger respectively. The duo took the stage at the Game Developer’s Conference 2017 to premiere a gameplay demo, in which Frank won a bet by coming out with a victory¬†over Lin.

Fans can check out the first gameplay video, release by nWay, by clicking here.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a multiplayer fighting game which features heroes and villains from the long-running TV series, in combination with those from the action-packed feature film hitting theaters on March 24.

In the game, Rita Repulsa, an evil space witch, will step into and corrupt the Morphin Grid. As she manipulates reality in an effort to implode the Grid from within, Rita will create virtual monsters and Ranger clones programmed to fight on behalf of evil. That means the Power Rangers will fight other Power Rangers for the first time.

To beat Rita at her own game, Zordon will give players special powers and the ability to curate their own team of legendary Power Rangers and villains from the multiverse.

For all the latest on Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, be sure to stay with Power Rangers NOW.

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