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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars – Street Fighter Showdown Teaser Released

Get ready for an official Power Rangers short film this fall!

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars – Street Fighter Showdown is bringing Jason David Frank, who portrayed Tommy Oliver the original Green Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, back to the franchise.

Frank will team up with Ciara Hanna from Power Rangers Megaforce and more actors from previous Power Rangers seasons in a short film to commemorate the franchise’s 25th anniversary.

Fans can click here to watch the Power Rangers: Legacy Wars – Street Fighter Showdown teaser-trailer!

Produced by fan-favorite production company Bat in the SunPower Rangers: Legacy Wars – Street Fighter Showdown sees characters from Capcom’s iconic Street Fighter franchise team up with characters from Hasbro’s Power Rangers franchise.

The story will also introduce the Ryu Ranger – the legendary Street Fighter character who’s now morphed his way into becoming a Power Ranger.

In Power Rangers: Legacy Wars – Street Fighter Showdown, Ryu and his friends were sucked into the Morphin Grid. Once there, Ryu is presented with his own Crimson Hawk Power Coin, allowing him to morph into the Ryu Ranger, and team up with the Power Rangers to take on the deadly duo of M. Bison and Rita Repulsa. Combining his Crimson Hawk Power Coin with the power of Hado, Ryu Ranger’s Hadoken takes the shape of the hawk, lifting his opponents into the air, and his Tatsumaki uses the strength of a hawk’s wings to trap his opponents.

Fans will recognize characters old and new, including the Phantom Ranger, Chun Li, and more.

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In addition to the short film, nWay and Lionsgate will introduce Ryu Ranger to their hit mobile fighting game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. Fans can click here for more info on how they can play as Ryu Ranger on their Apple and Android devices.

First released in March 2017, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is available for download on iOS and Android. With a wide array of characters already made available, nWay has plans to continue expanding the character roster to include nearly every Power Ranger ever!

Fans can click here for a running list of characters and stages available in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars!

The first Power Rangers: Legacy Wars – Street Fighter Showdown debuted at San Diego Comic Con 2018.

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    1. Batinthesun has a Youtube channel where this will most likely be released. They have a lot of cool super hero fight videos and JDF collabs with them to do white/green ranger stuff from time to time. It’ll probably drop there for free like their other content.

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