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Power Rangers Live Postponed


Power Rangers Live – the 25th Anniversary live touring show celebrating the brand’s iconic milestone – will no longer take place during the 25th Anniversary.

The show has been postponed until 2019, as noted on the show’s official website PowerRangersLive.com.


Fans can head to the website to enter their email address and receive updates on the tour’s future.

At this time, it is unclear what exactly caused such a drastic delay in the show’s schedule. Emails going out to ticket buyers currently cite production delays as the primary driver.

Tickets to the show had already gone on sale in October 2017, and buyers will begin to be notified soon with updates, including the option to receive a full refund.

An example of the postponement email received by Twitter user @PR_Media_Info can be read below.

“Dear Power Rangers LIVE! ticket holder –

Due to production delays, the Power Rangers LIVE! tour is postponed.

Refunds will be processed automatically at point of purchased.

We’re very sorry for any inconvenience this causes. Please reply to this email with any questions.”

Power Rangers Live will be an interactive, mixed media stage production for the whole family with endless action-packed stunts and epic martial arts. Featuring themes from Power Rangers Ninja Steel, six ordinary teens will morph into the Power Rangers to help save cities and the world from an alien threat.

Written by former Power Rangers TV show writers James Bates and David McDermott, the live tour will come to life as part of a partnership between Saban Brands and Red Light Management.

Fans can stay with Power Rangers NOW as we bring you more updates on the future of the live action show.

3 thoughts on “Power Rangers Live Postponed

  1. dear power rangers ninja steel I am your biggest fan the show so where can I meet you guys and where is your school but Iike the red ranger my boyfriend is brody and he is so cute and my favorite colors are purple, white, pink, blue, yellow and I am also a big fan of power rangers

  2. This is embarrassing for Saban Brands. This show was one of their main selling points for the anniversary and now it will no longer happen. I’m sure it was out of Saban’s control but its still embarrassing to have to call this back after tickets were sold.

  3. No one notified me show was cancelled. Arrived at bell center with excited 4 yr.old andNO SHOW,! You can imagine the tears and disappointment. Bell center or evenko had 5 months to notify clients . There were other people beside my self waiting for the no show rangers. Are ticket sellers and venues so important that they cannot notify people who paid more than 300& for tickets for childs birthday!!

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