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Power Rangers’ March Monster Madness Announced


March Madness meets the Power Rangers!

In celebration of the NCAA’s annual college basketball tournament currently ongoing, the Power Rangers are holding “March Monster Madness,” where 16 top villains from Power Rangers history will face-off in a ‘March Madness’ style bracket!

The matchups include:

Round 1
Divatox defeated Xandred
Ransik defeated Tenaya
Rita Repulsa defeated Sledge
Lord Zedd defeated Master Org
Koragg defeated Ivan Ooze
Goldar defeated Astronema
Pyscho Rangers defeated Galvanax
Diabolico defeated Madame Odius

Round 2
Ransik defeated Divatox
Lord Zedd defeated Rita Repulsa
Koragg defeated Goldar
Pyscho Rangers defeated Diabolico

Round 3
Lord Zedd defeated Ransik
Psycho Rangers defeated Koragg

Final Round
Lord Zedd defeated Psycho Rangers

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers led the pack with four villains nominated in the tournament.

Fans can vote via Instagram Stories on the official @PowerRangers account starting today! The villains span all 25 years to find the top “worst of the worst.”

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5 thoughts on “Power Rangers’ March Monster Madness Announced

  1. Looks interesting. Good thing Tommy isn’t in it, wouldn’t want Jason David Frank trying to cheat to win and then lying about it later.

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